Pottermore update! Well, not really …

I received an email from Pottermore Insider informing me that there are new Bertie Bots Beans scattered through Pottermore. I jumped on that and spent a pleasant three minutes finding them. Three minutes. If that. And it occurred to me … Continue reading

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The REAL “new Harry Potter short story”

So hey, I’ll bet you noticed that Rowling wrote a New Short Story and posted it on Pottermore. It would be hard not to notice, since it’s been talked about all over, even in the Muggle news. I rushed online … Continue reading

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Who says Quidditch is stupid?

Quidditch is awesome! Quidditch is exciting! Quidditch is the best sport in the world! Those Bludgers flying around, trying to smash into people! The Keepers hanging from their brooms to block a 10-point shot! The Seeker making a spectacular diving … Continue reading

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Six errors in the Harry Potter films that confuse fans

I love the Harry Potter films. I have dear friends who worked on them. I was on the set during the filming of Order of the Phoenix. David Heyman even told me that they used the Lexicon “every day” while they … Continue reading

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3 Harry Potter Memes that NEED TO STOP NOW

I enjoy a good Harry Potter meme as much as the next guy. Okay, maybe more than the next guy, since the next guy probably isn’t obsessive Harry Potter fan. True, some are a bit lame and others are clearly … Continue reading

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Please don’t go.

I need to add a follow-up to my comments of July 20. I wrote that in response to a horrible, sickening post on a Harry/Hermione website. I still feel exactly the same way about what I read there. I am … Continue reading

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More updates all over the site. I have had a few notes from people who have been spoiled when they Googled something like ‘Death Eaters’ and hit the Lexicon’s page. I am truly sorry if that happens. We talked about … Continue reading

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September 6, 2004

I rececently was directed to this very disturbing post on the PhoenixSong.net forum. The insinuations are nasty enough that I decided I needed to respond directly. I am not a member of that forum so I couldn’t respond there. Hopefully … Continue reading

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On Lexicon impartiality

Well, this has been interesting. You’d think that I would have been familiar enough with the, uh, fervency of fans when it comes to “shipping,” but I have to admit that I was surprised by the reactions in email to … Continue reading

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