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Encyclopedia of Potions

lacewing flies potion ingredient - creature

Used in Polyjuice Potion (see).

leeches potion ingredient - creature

Life, Elixir of potion

ingredients: unknown, but it is derived from the Philosopher's Stone

The Elixir of Life extends life, but requires that the drinker consume it regularly for all eternity if the drinker is to maintain his or her immortality (HBP23).

lionfish parts potion ingredient - creature

Spine of lionfish is part of a student's standard potion-making kit (GF10)

Living Death, Draught of potion

ingredients: asphodel in an infusion of wormwood (PS8); valerian roots, sopophorous bean (HBP9)

Effect: Causes someone to fall into a deep sleep.

USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database illustration of lovage

lovagepotion ingredient - plant

An herb used in Confusing and Befuddlement Draughts.

Love Potion potion

ingredients: may include frozen Ashwinder eggs (FB)

Effect: Does not really causes the person who drinks it to fall in love with someone, as it is impossible to manufacture or imitate love. A love potion simply causes the drinker to develop a powerful infatuation or obsession with the target (HBP9).

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