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Erkling - Erumpent

Erkling creature from Muggle legends or mythology more info in Fantastic Beasts - click here to order

XXXX - Germany

The Erkling is a small elf-like creature native to Germany. Its high-pitched laugh is particularly entrancing to children, which Erklings like to eat. Erkling killings have decreased dramatically over the last few centuries as the German Ministry of Magic has put in place strict controls over the creatures (FB).

Magical Worlds of Harry Potter (icon) "Rowling has transposed a few letters in the name of the Erl King... of German legend. Otherwise, her description holds true. It is an evil creature in the Black Forest of Germany that tries to snatch children." (p. 26)

Erumpent more info in Fantastic Beasts - click here to order

XXXX - Africa

This huge African magical beast resembles a rhinoceros. Its horn, which can pierce almost anything, contains a fluid that explodes, destroying what it has hit. Because male Erumpents frequently blow each other up during mating season, the species is somewhat endangered (FB).

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