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Encyclopedia of Potions

salamander parts potion ingredient - creature

Salamander blood is used in Strengthening Solution (see).

scarab beetles potion ingredient - creature

Crushed, these are used in Wit-Sharpening Potion (see).

Scintillation Solution potion

Effect unknown

scurvy-grass potion ingredient - plant

Plant used in potions (OP18).

Shrinking Solution / Shrinking Potion potion

ingredients: chopped daisy roots, skinned shrivelfig, sliced caterpillar, one rat spleen, dash of leech juice

Effect: Makes things shrink in size, apparently reversing the aging process as well

Skele-Gro potion

"skeleton" + "grow" (sounds like a brand name)

Medical magic: Potion which regrows bones. The effect takes about eight hours and can be quite painful.

Sleekeazy's Hair Potion potion

"Sleekeazy" (note the 'z') is indeed the canon spelling.

Used to style hair.

Sleeping Draught/Potion potion

Effect: causes the drinker to fall into a deep sleep

snake parts potion ingredient - creature

sneezewort potion ingredient - plant

According to a book Harry studied during his fifth year, sneezewort is "moste efficacious in the inflaming of the braine, and [is] therefore much used in Confusing and Befuddlement Draughts, where the wizard is desirous of producing hot-headedness and recklessness" (OP18)

solutions potion

The following potions are known as solutions.

sopohorous bean potion ingredient - plant

Used in Draught of Living Death.

spiders potion ingredient - creature

Strengthening Solution potion

ingredients: salamander blood, possibly pomegranate juice at some stage

Unknown, but presumably increases the user's strength.

Swelling Solution potion

ingredients: puffer-fish eyes

Causes something to get bigger.

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