Scintillation Solution

“I had no memory for incantations and my potions were a family joke! Now, after a Kwikspell course, I am the center of attention at parties and friends beg for the recipe of my Scintillation Solution!”
-- Madam Z. Nettles of Topsham in Filch's Kwikspell Course Brochure (CS8)



from Latin scintillatus, scintillare "to sparkle, glitter, gleam, flash"


It is unknown if the Scintillation Solution is a real potion, or just something made-up to fool Squibs into buying the Kwikspell Course (which J.K. Rowling said wouldn't work anyway). Squibs wouldn't know the difference, having never taken a Potions class. The word "scintillate" means to make something flash or sparkle, which would be appealing to a non-magical wannabe like Filch.

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