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Encyclopedia of Spells

Spells from the Films and Games

The spells on this page may or may not be considered canon. Some of them, such as those from the video games, were apparently created or at least approved by Rowling. Those from the films, however, were probably created by the scriptwriter, Steve Kloves. Many of them don't really fit the established system of magic that we find in the books.

Some of the spells used in films and games are the same as those in the books, but they don't always work the same as they do in the books. These types of spells are listed in the canon spell encyclopedia, with notes about the film or game usage. Spells from the Trading Card Game often have no effect listed, so we will try to guess their effect from the illustration on the card. It would appear that Rowling had at least some input into their creation.

It's very confusing, I'm afraid. For now, until we find some evidence to the contrary (as happened with Wiggenweld Potion), we consider these spells to be non-canon.

Many thanks to those who provided helpful information about the video game spells and their effects from PA/g and non-PC versions of CS/g and PS/g.

Spell Book - PA

Alarte Ascendare (uh-LAR-tay uh-SEN-dar-uh)

"alate" L. winged + "ascendere" L. to ascend

Spell which causes something to shoot up into the air.

Arania Exumai (uh-RAY-nee-uh EX-oo-my)

"araneus" L. spider + "exuo" L. cast aside

Knocks over or throws back spiders.

Arresto Momentum (uh-RES-toe mo-MEN-tum)

"a" L. toward + "resto" L. stop, hold position + "momentum" L. movement

Alternate spelling: Aresto Momentum

Slows the descent of a falling object.

Ascendio (uh-SEN-dee-oh)

"ascendere" L. to climb, to ascend

Causes the spellcaster to ascend rapidly.

Avifors (AH-vi-forz)

"avis" L. bird + "fors" L. accident, event

TCG spell card.

Baubillius (baw-BIL-ee-us)

unknown ("bauble"?)

TCG spell card.

Bombarda (bom-BAR-da)

"bombus" L. booming

Spell which can blast open a door.

Bracchium Emendo (BRAK-ee-um ee-MEN-do)

"bracchium" L. forearm + "emendo" L. correct

The spell fixes a broken forearm, unless you don't do it properly...

Brakium Emendo (BRAK-ee-um ee-MEN-do)


Carpe Retractum (CAR-pay re-TRACT-um)

"Sieze and Pull Charm"

"carpe" L. sieze + "retractum" L. distant

Pulls objects toward the caster, or vice versa (PA/g).

(Many thanks to Dylan Dylan for specific information.)

Cistem Aperio (SIS-tem ah-PER-ee-oh)

"cista" L. chest or box + "aperio" L. open

Opens the target crate.

Depulso (de-PULSE-oh)

"depulso" L. to push aside

Like Flipendo (uno), except that Depulso is used only for magical levers and switches (PA/g).

(Many thanks to Dylan Dylan for specific information.)

Draconifors (de-PULSE-oh)

"draco" L. dragon + "fors" L. accident, event

Transfigures dragon statues into dragons (PA/g).

(Many thanks to Dylan Dylan for specific information.)

Epoximise (ee-POX-i-mise)

"epoxy" Eng. a type of adhesive

TCG spell card.


TCG spell card.

Everte Statum (ee-VER-tay STAH-tum)

"everto" L. turn upside down + "statum" L. fixed, in one place

Duelling spell used to send the opponent flying.

Fera Verto (FAIR-uh VAIR-to)

"fera" - L. wild beast + "verto" - L. transform

The spell transforms an animal into a cup or goblet.

Flipendo (fli-PEN-do)

"flip" - E. turn over + pseudo-Latin ending

The spell used to push or topple something.

Fumos (FOO-mos)

"fumo" L. smoke, vapor

TCG spell card.

Glacius (GLAY-see-us)

"the Freezing Charm"

glaciare L. to freeze

Used to freeze fiery enemies (PA/g, GAMEBOY ADVANCED to PS2 versions).

(Many thanks to Dylan Dylan for specific information.)

Illegibilus (i-LEJ-i-BILL-us)

"illegible" Eng. unreadable

TCG spell card.

Immobulus (i-MO-bi-lus)

"immobilis" L. unmovable

Freezes objects where they are.

Incarcifors (in-KAR-si-forz)

"incarcerate" Eng. imprison + "fors" L. accident, event

TCG spell card.

Lacarnum Inflamarae (la-CAR-num in-fla-MA-rye)

"lacarnum" L. robe + "inflamara" L. set fire to

Sets the target robe on fire.

Lapifors (LAH-pi-forz)

"lepus" L. hare + "fors" L. accident, event

Transfigures rabbit statues into rabbits (PA/g).

(Many thanks to Dylan Dylan for specific information.)

Lumos Duo (LOO-mos DOO-oh)

"lumos" L. light + "duo" L. two

Creates a focused beam of light on the caster's wand tip; considered advanced.

(Many thanks to Dylan Dylan for specific information.)

Lumos Maxima (LOO-mos MAX-i-ma)

"lumos" L. light + "maximus" L. large

Generates a brilliant light.

Lumos Solem (LOO-mos So-lem)

"lumos" L. light + "sol" L. of the sun

Generates a brilliant blast of light, as bright as the sun.

Oculus Reparo (AH-kyoo-lus re-PAR-oh)

"oculus" L. eye, eyesight + "reparo" L. restore, repair

Repairs spectacles.

Periculum (per-IH-cu-lum)

"periculum" L. danger, peril

Sends up wand sparks as a jet of light.

Rose Growth

TCG spell card.

Skurge (SKURJ)

"scourge" Eng. to drive or force as by blows of a whip

Cleans up ectoplasm, a green residue left by ghosts which (if left in place) forms an obstacle in the game (CS/g).

Snufflifors (SNUF-li-forz)

[NOTE: This may be a rather involved reference to the mouse-into-snuffbox Transfiguration exam in canon, or just to mice as snuffly things] + "fors" L. accident, event

Transfigures small books into mice (PA/g).

(Many thanks to Dylan Dylan for specific information.)

Spongify (SPUN-ji-fy)

"spongy" Eng. like a sponge in that it is soft, compressible, elastic (NSOED)

When cast on a Spongify pad (marked with a helix-shaped spring symbol), the spell-caster can jump onto the pad and bounce to an otherwise unreachable area (CS/g).


"titillo" L. tickle

TCG spell card.


Eng. change form completely

TCG spell card.

Vera Verto


Verdemillius (ver-dee-MILL-yiss)

"videri" L. to appear
"viridis" L. green (root of Eng. word "verdant") + "mille" L. many, thousands

In the first Harry Potter game for PS1, this spell made unseen platforms materialize, but in the third HP game for Gameboy (UNO, DUO, and TRIA) it hits the target with a green lightning bolt.


"vermis" L. worm, larva ? (etymology uncertain)

TCG spell card.

Vipera Evanesca (vi-PAIR-ah ev-ah-NES-ka)

"viper" Eng. a kind of snake + the vanishing spell

This is a vanishing spell with a target added to the incantation.

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