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Harry Potter and Me

28 December, 2001 Television Special -- (WEB LINKtranscript)

"I just thought maybe the moment has come just to just to say how it happened. Truthfully. And then I can at least go easy to my bed and think, well the truth's out there. And people can take it or leave it."
     -- Jo Rowling

The BBC did an interview with Rowling and turned it into a television special. This special, called "Harry Potter and Me," was exciting for fans for a number of reasons. Probably the most exciting part was when she showed bits from her notes. Rowling was shown revisiting some of the places she lived when she was growing up and commenting on how it felt to be back, which was fascinating. She made a number of comments about the books which were very informative, including some comments about whether she believes in witchcraft and a discussion about the last chapter of the last book.

The Class List:

Rowling showed a page from her notebooks which details every student in Harry's year. This list was the source for a lot of speculation and guessing by fans over the years, in a large part because so many of the names were difficult to read on the image from the television special. Many years later (2013), Rowling wrote a short essay about this list for Pottermore. In that essay she gives the actual list and discusses some background to why she wrote it. Because many details changed from this version, the list cannot be considered fully canon. However, much canon information can be gleaned from a careful study of it.

Harry's Year Abbott, Hannah Hufflepuff Bones, Susan Boot, Trevor Brocklehurst, Mandy Brown, Lavender Bulstrode, Millicent Corner, Michael Cornfoot, Stephen Crabbe, Vincent Davis, Tracey Entwhistle, Kevin Finch-Fletchley, Justin Finnigan, Seamus Goldstein, Anthony Goyle, Gregory Granger, Hermione

Here is Rowling's actual list with a few notes. Please follow this link to Pottermore for a much more detailed description.

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