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Coming in October: “Mudbloods: A Film About Quidditch”



Now this is a film I’d like to see. Muggle Quidditch originated at Nimbus, the first ever Harry Potter convention, in Orlando in 2003. I did the announcing for the first ever match, which was played in the ballroom of the hotel! I wonder if they have any photos from that event, or if they even know about it? Will HPEF and Nimbus be given any credit? Who knows.

You can check out the website for more information.


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  • Nick Moline

    For comic relief, here’s a clip from The Internship which randomly featured Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson learning to play Quidditch (unfortunately this clip cuts out before any of the real good stuff, but it’s worth watching).

  • hpboy13

    I highly doubt it – the IQA refers to the first Quidditch game as one played on the MIddlebury campus in 2002.

    • Kris Cox

      Actually, according to, the first game of IQA Quidditch was played in 2005 (not 2002) on Battell Beach at Middlebury College in Vermont.

      So for non-IQA Quidditch, the first game could have been played at Nimbus in 2002.

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