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Encyclopedia of Potions

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aconite potion ingredient - plant

Plant used in potion-making (PS8).

Acromantula venom potion ingredient - creature

Almost impossible to collect from a living Acromantula, the venom dries out not long after an Acromantula's death, so the venom may fetch as much as 100 Galleons a pint (HBP22)

Ageing Potion potion

ingredients: unknown

Effect: Causes the person drinking it to grow older. The more Ageing Potion one drinks, the more one ages.

Amortentia potion

ingredients: unknown (but see love potion)

"amor" L. love + "tempto" L. to try to influence or tamper with

Effect: The most powerful love potion in the world (HBP9); see love potion for discussion of effects.

antidotes potion

ingredients: vary, but often include mandrakes

There are antidotes for many poisons and for potions effects.

armadillo bile potion ingredient - creature

Used in Wit-Sharpening Potion.

Ashwinder eggs, frozen potion ingredient - creature

Quite valuable, as they can serve as ingredients in love potions or may be eaten whole as a cure for ague. These uses are quite appropriate as Ashwinder eggs are so flammable that they will ignite a dwelling within minutes if they are not frozen as soon as possible (FB).

asphodelpotion ingredient - plant

Powdered root of asphodel is used in the Draught of Living Death (PS8).

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