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Encyclopedia of Potions

Wartcap Powder potion

Substance which causes the skin of a person who touches it to form a thick hard crust


Wiggenweld Potion potion

A kiss from lips smeared with this potion revives people from the Draught of Living Death; a young wizard used this trick to marry a princess who had pricked her finger on a spindle coated with the Draught (FW).

This is a reference to the Muggle fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. Wiggenweld Potion first appeared in the video games from Electronic Arts and was subsequently mentioned on a Famous Wizard card, making it part of the canon.

Wit-Sharpening Potion potion

ingredients: ground scarab beetle, cut up ginger root, armadillo bile

Effect is presumably to make a person think more clearly.

wolfsbanepotion ingredient - plant

Another name for aconite (see).

Wolfsbane Potion potion

Effects: While this potion doesn't cure lycanthropy, it does prevent the extremely dangerous dementia which would otherwise accompany the transformation from human into werewolf.

wormwoodpotion ingredient - plant

Used in Draught of Living Death. Interesting that this traditional symbol of bitterness figured prominently in the first question Snape ever set Harry in Potions (PS8).

wound-cleaning potion potion

Medical magic: used on cuts and other open wounds.

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