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Encyclopedia of Spells


no incantation given

"taboo", Eng. forbidden, particularly when forbidden by social custom

When put on a word, anyone who then says that word becomes trackable by the caster; saying the word breaks protective enchantments and causes some kind of magical disturbance.

talon-clipping charm

no incantation given

A charm used for dragon care.

Tarantallegra (TAIR-an-tuh-LEG-ruh)

"tarantella" It. dance associated with the tarantula, from Taranto, a city in Italy + "allegro" It. fast

Forces the victim's legs to do a crazy dance.

Tergeo (tair-GAY-oh)

"tergeo" L. to wipe off, to wipe dry; to scour, to clean

Cleans up the target object or person.

Thief's Curse

no incantation given

An unspecified bit of nastiness which can be cast on someone who steals something.

Thief's Downfall

no incantation given

A waterfall that can be released over the track at Gringotts that has the effect of washing away all enchantment, all magical concealment.

Tickling Charm


Tickling Spell


time travel

no incantation used; by magical device only

An extremely dangerous magical effect, allows a person to travel back in time. Because of the potential for catastrophe should history be altered, time travel is all but forbidden in wizarding society. Certain magical devices can be used for time travel, but access to them is strictly controlled.

Titillando (ti-ti-LAN-do)

"Tickling Spell"

A curse which causes the victim to be tickled.

toenail-growing hex

no incantation given

Causes the target's toenails to grow alarmingly fast.

Tongue-Tying Curse

"Mimble wimble"

Binds the target's tongue to keep him or her from talking about some specific subject.

Trace, the

no incantation given

The charm that detects magical ability around under-seventeens.

Transmogrifian Torture

"trans" L. across + ?
"transmogrify" Eng. verb c.1656, from L. to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect

c.f. Calvin and Hobbes: his "duplicating machine" is called a Transmogrifier ("Calvin and Hobbes" is a very popular comic strip in the U.S.)

perhaps also related to:
"moggy" Br. slang: cat

Supposedly something which results in a cat being killed.

Trip Jinx

no incantation given

Trips the target.

Twitchy Ears Hex

no incantation given

Causes the ears of the victim to wiggle and twitch uncontrollably.

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