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Abominable Snowman - Abraxan - Acromantula - Aethonon - Antipodean Opaleye - Aquavarius Maggot - armadillo - Ashwinder - Augurey

Abominable Snowman creature from Muggle legends or mythology

XXXX - Tibet

Another name for the yeti (FB).


Rating Unknown - France(?)

A breed of winged horse; the Abraxan is a gigantic, extremely powerful Palomino (FB). Madame Maxime, headmistress of Beauxbatons, breeds them (OP20), and the winged horses that pull her carriage are Abraxans. They drink only single malt whisky and require "forceful handling" (c.f. GF15 ff.).

Acromantula more info in Fantastic Beasts - click here to order Acromantula behind wizard

XXXXX - Borneo (CS15, FB, HBP22, DH32)

A gigantic black spider (legspan may reach up to 15 feet) with a poisonous bite, the Acromantula is an anomaly in the beast / being classification system. While capable of human speech, the Acromantula is classified as a beast rather than a being due to its violent tendencies. It is native to Borneo (FB), where it is believed to have been a wizard-bred species, serving as an example of why the Ban on Experimental Breeding was put into effect.

Note that all spiders, including Acromantulas, fear the basilisk above all other living things.

An Acromantula was stationed at the center of the Triwizard Tournament maze, guarding the Triwizard Cup (GF31, OP16).

Aragog, Hagrid's acromantula friend, died in the spring of 1997 and was buried near Hagrid's hut (HBP22).

Acromantulas joined the Battle of Hogwarts, fighting for Voldemort (DH32).

See Aragog, Mosag.

"acro" from "akros" L. peak + "mantula" from "tarantula" Eng. a species of large, hairy black spider


Rating Unknown - Britain

A breed of winged horse, chestnut in color, which lives mainly in Britain (FB)

Antipodean Opaleye creature from Muggle legends or mythology more info in Fantastic Beasts - click here to order

XXXXX - New Zealand and Australia

See Dragons - Antipodean Opaleye.

Aquavirius Maggot

A creature, probably fanciful, which Luna Lovegood thought she spotted in the Department of Mysteries (OP34).

‘aqua’ = L. ‘water’ + possibly ‘virus’ = L. ‘slime, poison’; a maggot is a fly larva which eats decomposing flesh

armadillo Muggle


The bile of this creature is used for making potions, including Wit-Sharpening Potion.

This reference to the armadillo being part of the Wit-Sharpening Potion may be in homage to a particularly funny advertisement which ran on British television. In the advert, a devastatingly dim country fellow is offered a Dime candy bar, which is "smooth on the outside, crunchy on the inside." He says that he prefers to eat armadillos, which are "smooth on the inside, crunchy on the outside!" The presenter says "You're a bit thick, aren't you?" and the country bumpkin nods happily. Thanks to Wayne Childs for noting this connection.

Ashwinder more info in Fantastic Beasts - click here to order

XXX - Worldwide (FB)Ashwinder

A thin grey serpent with glowing red eyes which comes out of magical fires and lives long enough to lay fiery hot eggs in some dark and secluded spot. These eggs, while valued as potion ingredients, are very dangerous. If they are not found and frozen in time, they will set buildings on fire.

"Ash" comes from the color of the serpent and also as a reference to its connection to fire. "Winder" recalls the sideways movement of some kinds of snakes, such as the rattler. They are sometimes called "sidewinders."


Augurey (Irish Phoenix) more info in Fantastic Beasts - click here to order

XX - Ireland (FB)

Thin and mournful-looking bird somewhat resembling a vulture, greenish-black in color, native to Britain and Ireland. Normally remaining hidden in its nest in brambles and thorns, flying only in heavy rain, the feathers of the Augurey repel ink. Its distinctive cry was once thought to be a death omen, but it is now known that the Augurey's cry foretells rain. The Augurey eats insects and fairies.

"augury" - Eng. generally, the art of divination, but specifically, the art of the augur (one who interprets omens based on the behaviour of birds)


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