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Master Indexes of the Lexicon


Complete A-Z Index



Specialized Indexes

These specialized indexes compile references from more than one of our normal categories into easily-searchable lists to help users find exactly what they want quickly. NOTE: Some of these lists are not yet available. We're compiling them as we add new material to the Lexicon for book seven.

Character listing A-Z - all character names, including Wizards, Muggles, and non-human characters

Places listing A-Z - including rooms, buildings, and geographical locations

Film references - including actors, locations, spells, and other notes

Books - including chapter titles, timeline, and Reader's Guide material

Magic - the Guide to Magic, including spells, items, potions, and miscellaneous magic references

Other lists

Guide to icons - details about what each icon means

Famous Wizard cards - including cards from the video games and Wizards of the Month

Canon sources - including links to all the sources considered to be directly from Rowling

Birthdays - including birthdays of characters, actors, and others associated with Harry Potter

Lexicon sections - including links to each encyclopedia and area of the Lexicon

Webmaster guidelines - guidelines for using the lists you find here to create your own encyclopedia pages

Major events - list in chronological order of the major events in the history of magic

These pages present a very complete encyclopedia of the Harry Potter Universe. Each entry is linked to a page of the Lexicon where you will find detailed information about that item, person, creature, etc. In some cases, the reference takes you directly to the information. In other cases, the link will take you to the top of the page on which that item is found. In that case, please scroll down or use the "Find in page" option under the "Edit" menu of your browser to zero in on the exact reference.

References will be added to these index pages on an ongoing basis. It will take a while for all the links to be put in place.

References to entire Lexicon pages are listed in bold face. References in italics are spell incantations or the titles of books.

Nearly every entry is followed by one or more icons identifying the categories to which that item belongs. While this seems hardly necessary in the case of things like "dragon" or "Hogwarts School," it become more helpful when you're trying to figure out what a "dom" or "Malecrit" is. On top of that, they not only look cool, but actually permit a certain level of support for the visually impaired as long as the pages are prepared in a certain way.

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