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Encyclopedia of Spells

Salvio hexia (SAL-vee-oh HEX-ee-ah)


"salvia" L. without breaking + "hexia" hexes

Specific effect is not given, but the Latin derivation seems to suggest that this affects and possibly augments the other spells being cast.

Scarpin's Revelaspell

"Specialis Revelio" (spe-see-AH-lis reh-VEL-ee-oh)

Used to identify the ingredients of the target potion or the enchantments on a target object.

See also Revealing Charm

Scourgify (SKUR-ji-fy)


See "Scouring Charm"

Scouring Charm

"Scourgify" (SKUR-ji-fy)

"excoriata" L. to be stripped of' (thanks to Ruth Eyres)

Source: The Book of Spells, Chapter 3

Wand movement: a smooth, sinuous motion, like a letter ‘S’ (BoS3)

Cleans things.

sealing spell

No incantation used

Seals a roll of parchment with a touch of the wand.

Sectumsempra (sek-tum-SEM-pra)


"sectus" L. past participle of "seco", to cut + "sempra" L. always

Source: This spell was invented by the Half-Blood Prince c. 1970s and written in the margin of his potions textbook (HBP21)

Cuts the target.



"serpens" L. serpent + "ortus" L. past participle of "ortir", to come into existence
(or second segment could be derived from "sortir" Old Fr. to go out)
(thanks to Jake Downs for suggesting we look at "ortir")

Causes a large serpent to burst from the end of the caster's wand.


Severing Charm

"Diffindo" (dih-FIN-doe)

"diffindo" L. cleave, open

Source: The Book of Spells, Chapter 3; The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1

Wand movement: a jagged, cutting down motion with the wand: up, then slash down and right, then up again (BoS3)

Spell to cut something.

Shield Charm

"Protego" (pro-TAY-go)

"protego" L. to defend

This spell creates a magical barrier that will deflect hexes thrown at the caster.

Shock Spell

No incantation mentioned

Spell used at St. Mungo's to treat mental illnesses.

This is clearly a reference to shock therapy, a technique used in the treatment of mental illness in the Muggle world. Some see it as a bit barbaric, but it does produce results in some cases.

Silencing Charm

"Silencio" (si-LEN-see-oh)

"silencio" L. to be quiet

Magically silences the target of the spell.

Similar to MUFLIATO

Silencio (si-LEN-see-oh)

See Silencing Charm

sleep, bewitched

incantation unknown

Puts the target person into a deep sleep; subject is in a state almost like suspended animation and does not breathe for the duration of the spell.

Slug-vomiting Charm

no incantation given (no, it's not "eat slugs")

Causes the victim to belch up slugs.

Interestingly, Ron had only a short time before, at breakfast, snapped "Eat slugs, Malfoy!" This is not the incantation, however, although CS/f clearly and incorrectly indicates that it is.

The name for this spell is mentioned in (OP19).

snitch jinx

no incantation given

A delayed-action jinx which writes the word "sneak" across someone's face in pimples if they break an agreement they sign. This jinx may be an invention of Hermione Granger.



Softening Charm

"Spongify" (SPON-ji-fy)

"spongia" Gk. sponge

Softens objects.

Source: The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1 (Pm)

Sonorus (so-NO-rus)

"sonorus" L. loud

Makes the caster's voice carry over long distances.

Specialis Revelio


See Scarpin's Revelaspell



See Softening Charm

Sponge-Knees Curse

no incantation given

Presumably turns the target's knees spongy, making it difficult for him or her to walk.


Stealth Sensoring Spells

no incantation given

Spells to detect anyone sneaking past them. Can be placed on physical objects such as doors.

Stickfast Hex


"colligo" L. to bind together + shoe

Sticks the victim's shoes to the floor.

Source: Curses and Counter-curses (Pm, TCG)

Stinging Hex

no incantation given

A fairly low-powered hex that causes a stinging pain in the victim.

Stretching Jinx

no incantation given

Presumably causes the target object or creature to stretch (extend in length).

Stunning Spell

"Stupefy" (STOO-puh-fye)

Alternate names "Stunner" "Stunning Spell" "Stupefying Charm"

reverse: "Rennervate"

"stupefacio" L. to make senseless, from "stupeo" L. stunned

Source: The Book of Spells, Chapter 5

Renders the target of the spell unconscious; this spell hurls a bolt of red light.

Stupefy (STOO-puh-fye)


See Stunning Spell

Stupefying Charm

See Stunning Spell

Substantive Charm

no incantation given

Effect unknown.

Summoning Charm

"Accio" (see pronunciation notes)

"accio" L. send for, summon

Source: The Book of Spells, Chapter 4

Accio Causes an object to fly to the caster, even over quite some distance; the target object is said to have been Summoned. It would seem that the caster must know at least the general location of the object Summoned.

NOTE: The pronunciation of this spell has been debated by fans. The "official" pronunciation from Scholastic is "A-see-oh." This is the pronunciation used in the audio version of the books. The word is Latin, however, and in Latin the letter C is always pronounced 'hard,' the same as the letter K. Some languages which are descended from Latin, such as Italian, pronounce 'cc' as 'ch,' but this is almost certainly not correct. UPDATE: In the Book of Spells, Accio is pronounced "ACK-see-oh"

Supersensory Charm

Lets the caster sense things out of his or her line of sight.

Switching Spell

various, depending on the Transfiguration intended

A category of Transfiguration spells that swap one thing for another.


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