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Which Wizard: Who's Who in the Wizarding World.

Magical Beings (at least those who have names)

"We're not just ugly fairies."
     -- Brotherhood of Goblins slogan, quoted by Ragnok the Pigeon-Toed

The Wizarding World is home to many Beings who are not Wizards. These range from House-elves such as Winky to immensely wise and intelligent beings like Magorian the Centaur. Each of them shares in common the fact that they are looked down upon by members of the Wizarding community. The Fountain of Magical Brethren, until recently standing in the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic, gave testimony to this foolish prejudice.







Note: Dwarves are also beings, but there are no named characters yet. Werewolves are listed as wizards (Lupin and Greyback were born wizards) under their name. This list is based upon observed behavior and not political affiliation, so centaurs are listed here as beings.
Moved! Aragog, Arnold, The Bandon Banshee, Barny, Binky, Buckbeak, Bungy, Crookshanks, Errol, Fang, Fawkes, Fluffy, Hedwig, Hermes, Mosag, Mr. Paws, Mr. Tibbles, Mrs. Norris, Nagini, Norbert, Pigwidgeon, Ripper, Scabbers, Snowy, Sparky, Tenebrus and Trevor are all to be found on the new "Named Beasts" page.


KEY: Proper name type of being location dates or time period


Alguff the Awful Goblin location unknown dates unknown

Foul-smelling goblin nuisance. Well known throughout the goblin world for trying to sell vials of his sweat to a Dungbomb manufacturer (fw).

Babayaga Hag trad. from Russia Medieval, dates unknown

Russian hag who dwelled in a hut that stood on giant chicken legs. Ate children for breakfast - and presumably for lunch and tea (fw).

Bane Centaur from Forbidden Forest herd 20thC

Bane is a black-haired Centaur who dislikes and distrusts humans. He is the one who carried off Umbridge when she attacked Magorian. (PS15, OP30, OP33).

Black, Annis Hag from The Cave, Deadmarsh (England) 20thC

Black wrote a letter to the Daily Prophet protesting their portrayal of hags as flesh-eating monsters (DP).
"Black Annis" is the name of a legendary hag living in a cave in the Dane Hills in Leicestershire. She dug the cave herself with claws as hard as iron. Black Annis is reputed to have eaten children and hung their skins on the walls of her cave. WEB LINK

Bludd, Blodwyn Vampire from the "Valleys" (1923 - ?)

Known as the "Vampire from the Valleys." Famous for singing to his victims in a sonorous bass baritone, before biting their necks (fw).

Bodrig the Boss-Eyed Goblin location unknown 20thC

Bodrig is the spokesgoblin of the Brotherhood of Goblins. He claims that the B.O.G. does not condone violence, but seems to support those goblins who do use violence, at least in spirit (DP).

Bogrod Goblin London, works at Gringotts Wizarding Bank 20thC

A Gringotts goblin described as being old. Was placed under the Imperius Curse by Harry Potter while Harry, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Griphook attempted to break into the Lestrange vault deep within Gringotts (DH26).

Bran the Bloodthirsty Giant Lived in a castle on top of an enchanted beanstalk Medieval, dates unknown

Apparently fond of eating bread made with ground bones and washed down with the blood of an Englishman. Was slain by a boy named Jack.

Cyclops Giant from Ancient Greece Ancient Greek, dates unknown

A one-eyed giant who lived in a cave at the foot of Mount Etna. With the help of several sheep, was slain by the Greek hero, Odysseus.

d'Eath, Lorcan Vampire Probably England 1964-present

Heartthrob singer, part vampire, nineteen weeks at number 1 with hit song 'Necks to You.' JKR's Wizard of the Month for November 2006 (JKR).
Lorcan="little fierce one"(Irish Gaelic).

Dobby House-Elf Malfoy mansion until June, 1993; then Hogwarts Castle from January 1995 until now 20thC

Formerly in servitude to the Malfoy family, now working at Hogwarts. [More information...]

Drakul, Count Vlad Vampire location unknown 1390 - unknown

Notorious vampire who inspired the fictional Count Dracula created by Bram Stoker. Father of Vlad the Impaler.

Eargit the Ugly Goblin location unknown 14thC

Goblin representative at 14th century summit of Wizard's Council (fw).

Firenze Centaur Forbidden Forest until spring 1996, then Hogwarts castle 20thC

The Centaur and the Sneak, copyright Mary GrandPre.Firenze is a centaur with white-blond hair, palomino body, and blue eyes (PS15). He trusts humans more than the rest of the centaurs; he let Harry ride on his back in order to bring him to a safe place and helped him understand that Voldemort was lurking in the Forbidden Forest and planning to get the Philosopher's Stone (PS15). At Dumbledore's request, he also agreed to come to Hogwarts and replace Sybill Trelawney as the Divination teacher, an act that caused the other centaurs to consider him a traitor and banish him from their herd. Hagrid stopped the centaurs from killing Firenze, and in exchange, he tried to warn Hagrid that his attempt to teach Grawp was not working (OP27, OP30). Firenze remained at Hogwarts as a Divination teacher, together with Prof. Trelawney, much to the latter's displeasure (OP38). - Anna L. Black, ed.

Fridwulfa Giantess England 20thC, deceased

Mother of Hagrid, abandoned her human family in c.1931, died "years and years ago," according to Hagrid in November 1995. She had another child, a son named Grawp, by another giant (OP20).

Golgomath Giant mountains of northern Europe 20thC

Became Gurg after killing Karkus in the summer of 1995; a huge, violent giant who favored the Death Eaters (OP20) .

Goliath Giant Philistia Biblical, dates unknown

Mercenary giant used by the Philistines in their war with the Israelites. Was slain by a young boy with a slingshot (fw).
The story of Goliath and his defeat by the shepherd boy David is found in the Bible, in I Samuel 17.

Gornuk Goblin location unknown 20thC

Deep voiced goblin who went into hiding with Griphook to avoid capture by the Death Eaters and the Ministry of Magic. Later joined by Dirk Cresswell and then by Ted Tonks and Dean Thomas (DH15). Was subsequently murdered, along with Dirk Cresswell and Ted Tonks, by what are thought to be Death Eaters (DH22)

Grawp Giant The Forbidden Forest, later, a mountain cave 20thC

Grawp, copyright Mary GrancPreGrawp is Hagrid's half-brother, a giant whose mother was Fridwulfa. Grawp is small for his age and was abused by the other giants in their mountain stronghold. When Hagrid found him, he insisted on bringing Grawp back to live in the forest near Hogwarts. Grawp wasn't too keen on the idea at first, but he is apparently getting used to it. Hagrid told Harry that Grawp was "loads better" towards the end of the school year (June Y16) (OP).

Gringott Goblin England Historical, dates unknown

Founder of Gringotts Wizarding Bank (fw).

Griphook Goblin London, works at Gringotts Wizarding Bank 20thC

Goblin who operates the underground tram which takes wizards to their vaults. (PS5) Assisted in the breakin at Gringotts to steal the Hufflepuff cup Horcrux from the Lestange vault. (DH26) Harry promised to give him the Sword of Gryffindor in exchange for his help. (DH25)

Grymm, Malodora Hag location unknown Medieval, dates unknown

The famous hag Malodora Grymm, using a beautification potion to conceal her true form, married a king and used a charmed mirror to reinforce her self-image. She became jealous of the most beautiful girl in the land and fed her a poisoned apple to get rid of her (fw).
The story of Malodora Grymm is a nod to the fairy tale "Snow White," which was part of the collection of the Brothers Grimm, hence the last name "Grymm."

Hengist of Upper Barnton Giant Upper Barnton, England 15thC

Giant killed by the famous giant-slayer Gifford Ollerton (fw).

Hodrod the Horny-Handed Goblin Ministry of Magic custody, England 20thC

Notorious goblin activist who shrank and attempted to squish three wizards; currently in Ministry custody (DP). His name was also mentioned in the third W.O.M.B.A.T. test posted on (JKR).

Hokey House-elf England 20thC

House-elf who was bound to serve Hepzibah Smith, and was quite elderly when Tom Marvolo Riddle was a young man. He framed her for causing the death of Hepzibah Smith (HBP20).

Hubbard, "Old Mother" Hag location unknown Medieval, dates unknown

Old Mother Hubbard lured stray animals into her home and starved them to death (fw).

Karkus Giant mountains of northern Europe (? - 1995)

The Gurg of the Giants, first contacted by Hagrid and Maxime in the summer of 1995. He was killed two days later by Golgomath, who tore off Karkus's head and threw it into the lake (OP20).
Karkus' name is a homonym for 'carcass,' a word for a dead body.

Kreacher House-Elf number twelve, Grimmauld Place, then Hogwarts 20thC

Kreacher is an aged House-Elf whose family has served the Black family for generations. He was devoted to Sirius Black's mother, who died in 1985 but whose portrait still shrieks orders from the wall of the front hall of the Black family home, number twelve, Grimmauld Place. Kreacher continued to live there after her death, although he did not do much upkeep in the years before Sirius Black offered the house to the Order of the Phoenix for use as headquarters, an action which Kreacher resented greatly. He was very rude to the members of the Order of the Phoenix in residence, and tried to stop them from throwing away the many Dark items with which the house was filled, even going so far as to rescue some objects, which might be important later (OP4, OP6, OP9, OP23).

Sirius treated Kreacher disrespectfully, though Dumbledore advised others to be tolerant. Shortly before Christmas of 1995, Sirius accidentally gave Kreacher permission to leave the house, whereupon Kreacher temporarily left Grimmauld Place and went to the nearest Black family connection whom he still respected, Sirius' cousin Narcissa Malfoy. Kreacher then proceeded to betray the Order as much as he was able, and eventually tricked Harry into thinking that Sirius was at the Department of Mysteries, which led to Sirius' death (OP22, OP24, OP32, OP37).

To Kreacher's horror, Sirius left all his belongings to Harry in his will, so Harry is Kreacher's master now (HBP3). Rather than deal with him on a daily basis, Harry commanded Kreacher to work at Hogwarts, although Harry is still Kreacher's master (HBP19).
'Kreacher' is a homonym for the word 'creature;' the name suggests both the elf's animal nature and his age (in its similarity to the word "creaky").

As the case of Kreacher shows, it's very important for the wizards to know if their house-elf is really loyal to them or not, because these creatures see and hear things, and can collect information and eventually use it against their masters.

Lestoat, Amarillo Vampire America (1776-1977)

Flamboyant American vampire. Author of A Vampire's Monologue - intended to bore the reader into a stupor making him/her easier prey for vampires (fw). Rowling is probably having some fun with the name of Anne Rice's famous vampire character, Lestat.

Magorian Centaur Forbidden Forest herd 20thC

Magorian acts as the leader of the Centaurs of the forest. He is not as rash as Bane, but he does not trust humans (OP).
The name Magorian is pseudo-Greek, which is fitting for a Centaur because those creatures come from Greek mythology.

Misericordia, Cordelia Hag location unknown (1298-1401)

Hag representative at fourteenth century summit of Wizard's Council.

Morholt Giant Ireland Ancient Celtic, dates unknown

Gigantic brother of the King of Ireland. Wounded Tristan, the Celtic hero, with a poisoned sword when the latter tried to kill him (fw).

Murcus Mermaid Merfolk Village, bottom of the Lake at Hogwarts 20thC

Merchieftainess of the Merfolk of Hogwarts. She is described as "a particularly wild and ferocious-looking female." (GF26)

Nagnok Goblin location unknown dates unknown

Nagnok may not be canon; his name was mentioned in the third W.O.M.B.A.T. test posted on as a possible answer to the question "Which of the following did NOT provoke one of the bloody goblin rebellions of the 17th and 18th centuries?" According to the test Nagnok was a Gringotts Goblin who might have died at the hands of an untrained security troll sent by the Ministry of Magic (JKR).

Peeves Poltergeist Hogwarts 20thC

See: Full character profile for Peeves (includes quotes)

Ragnok Goblin location unknown 20thC

A goblin of some influence, apparently. Bill, who works at Gringotts and therefore has some connection to the goblins, was trying to convince Ragnok to support Dumbledore, but was having limited success (OP). Possibly the same goblin as 'Ragnok the Pigeon-Toed' (DP).

Ragnok the Pigeon-Toed Goblin location unknown 20thC

Author of Little People, Big Plans; and an activist for Goblin rights (DP).

Ragnuk the First Goblin location unknown c.1000

A goblin king mentioned in the third W.O.M.B.A.T. test posted on as a possible answer to the question "Which of the following did NOT provoke one of the bloody goblin rebellions of the 17th and 18th centuries?"According to the test Ragnuk accused Godric Gryffindor had stolen his sword (JKR); unless we get answers to the test someday, the accusation cannot be considered canon.

Ronan Centaur Forbidden Forest herd 20thC

Red-haired Centaur who talked to Hagrid during the search for the wounded unicorn (May 1992). Ronan was present also when Harry, Hermione, and Hagrid entered the forest to visit Grawp (OP30).

Sanguina, Lady Carmilla Vampire location unknown (1561-1757)

A female vampire who used her victims’ blood for bathing, in the hopes that it would help her stay young and beautiful (fw).
Sanguina = Latin, sanguineus "of blood," also "bloody, bloodthirsty."

Sanguini Vampire location unknown 20thC

Vampire who attended Slughorn's Christmas party with his friend Eldred Worple (HBP15).

Somnolens, Leticia Hag location unknown Medieval, dates unknown

This spiteful hag was jealous of the king's daughter and caused her to prick her finger on a spindle tainted with a Draught of the Living Death. A young wizard who had smeared his lips with Wiggenweld potion kissed the princess and brought her out of her trance.
Somnolens = "somnolence," which means "sleepiness."

Ug the Unreliable Goblin location unknown historical, but dates unknown

Notorious goblin confidence trickster. Organized the infamous Demiguise Derby and absconded with the takings.

Urg the Unclean Goblin location unknown 18thC

Rebel leader in the goblin rebellions of the eighteenth century. Also mentioned in the third W.O.M.B.A.T. test posted on as a possible answer to the question "Which of the following did NOT provoke one of the bloody goblin rebellions of the 17th and 18th centuries?"According to the test Urg was a goblin activist who might have been ducked in a pond by a gang of young wizards (JKR); unless we get answers to the test someday, the ducking cannot be considered canon.

Vargot Goblin location unknown (d. 1762)

Goblin rebel mentioned in the third W.O.M.B.A.T. test posted on According to the test, there is a "popular histrical theory" that when he died Vargot was discovered to be a renegade house elf (JKR); however, unless we get answers to the test someday, this rumor cannot be considered canon.

Varney, Sir Herbert Vampire London, England (1858 - 1889)

Short-lived (by undead standards) Victorian vampire who preyed upon women in London during the 1880s. Was subsequently captured and killed by a special squad from the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures (fw).

Winky House-elf Hogwarts Castle (December 1994), formerly at the Crouch family home 20thC

Winky, a female house-elf who until recently worked for the Crouch family, has enormous brown eyes and a nose like a tomato (GF8). Her mother and grandmother were also Crouch family house-elves (GF9, GF21). For years, Winky took care of Barty Crouch Jr., who was held in the Crouch residence under the Imperius Curse by his father. Nevertheless, the elder Barty Crouch sacked Winky when she was found holding a wand after the Quidditch World Cup in suspicious circumstances, which not only publicly associated him with Dark magic but demonstrated that her guardianship of his son might be unreliable (GF8, GF9, GF35).

Winky has since come to work at Hogwarts, but she is considered a disgrace by most of the other house-elves and has taken to sitting on a stool beside the kitchen fireplace and getting drunk on butterbeer. Her loyal friend Dobby has looked after her as best he can, but her distress as the deaths of the last members of the Crouch family hasn't helped (GF21, GF28, GF35, OP18).



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