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"Thank goodness you found me! I've been out here for hours, I couldn't remember the new password to get in to bed."
     - Neville Longbottom

"Which person, which abysmally foolish person wrote down this week's passwords and left them lying around?"
     - Minerva McGonagall

All of these are passwords to get into Gryffindor common room unless noted otherwise.

Post-Christmas holidays password, after the Fat Lady and her friend Violet drank all the wine in a picture of a group of drunk monks in the Charms corridor (HBP17)

Acid Pops (Dumbledore's office) (HBP9, HBP10)

balderdash (GF12, GF14)

banana fritters (GF25)

baubles (HBP15)

caput draconis (PS7)
Latin for "dragon's head".

cockroach cluster (Dumbledore's office) (GF29)

dilligrout (HBP12
A kind of stew or porridge that historically was offered to the British monarch on coronation day by the lord of the manor of Addington, Surrey (NSOED)

fairy lights (GF22)

Fizzing Whizbee (Dumbledore's office) (OP22)

flibbertigibbet (PA15)
The most common modern meaning of this word is "an irresponsible, silly person", but a much rarer meaning implies that the person is a mischief-maker if not actually a fiend. Think Peeves for the rarer sense of the word.

fortuna major
Latin for "better luck" (PA5)

lemon drop (Dumbledore's office) (CS11 - US edition)

Mimbulus mimbletonia (OP11)

oddsbodikins (Sir Cadogan thought this one up) (PA12)

pig snout (PS9)

pine fresh (GF23, GF25) (Prefect's bathroom on the fifth floor)

pure-blood (Slytherin common room) (CS12)

quid agis (HBP24)
Latin for "How do you do?"

scurvy cur (Sir Cadogan thought this one up too) (PA11)

sherbet lemon (Dumbledore's office) (CS11 - UK edition)

tapeworm (HBP23)

toffee eclairs (HBP20)

wattlebird (CS5)

open up - all it takes to open the Chamber of Secrets, spoken to one particular copper tap in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. Of course, you must say the words in Parseltongue... (CS16)


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