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Harry Potter's family

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According to Dumbledore, the Dursleys are Harry Potter's only living relatives (PS1). We do know a little about the rest of the clan, but not much. Here's the family tree:

Harry's ancestors

Charlus Potter: Rowling's Black Family Tree mentions a Charlus Potter who was married to Dorea Black (1920-1977), a grandchild of Phineas Nigellus Black (BFT). They had one son (unnamed) (BFT).
It is doubtful that Charlus is Harry's grandfather because Jo has told us that "James's parents were elderly, were getting on a little when he was born, which explains the only child, very pampered, had-him-late-in-life-so-he's-an-extra-treasure, as often happens, I think. They were old in wizarding terms, and they died." (TLC) Dorea was only 57 when she died.

Harry's grandparents

Very little information is given about this side of the family. Harry saw a grandfather among the various relations in the Mirror of Erised, but we haven't been given any more than that. It would seem that all the Potter family were wizards, and that they're all dead (PS12). JKR has told us that there was nothing sinister about the deaths of Harry's Potter grandparents (TLC). Harry's grandfather Potter was in Gryffindor, like his son and grandson (DH34).

Sirius Black ran away from home at the age of 16 and moved in with James' family. He said that James' parents took him in as "a second son" (OP6), which strongly suggests that James was their only son.

Evans family:
Lily Evans had a sister named Petunia Evans. Lily was a Muggle-born witch. Petunia grew up resenting her sister and the way their parents seemed to approve of Lily's magical ability. Petunia is married to Vernon Dursley.

Harry's parents and guardians

James and Lily Potter

Dursley family:
Vernon Dursley is completely Muggle. He has no use for anything having to do with magic, thank you very much. As far as we're told, his family consists of himself, his wife Petunia, their spoiled son Dudley, and his sister, Marjorie (Aunt Marge).

The Dursleys' view of the Potters
It isn't clear what their source is, but the Dursleys seem to be under the impression that James Potter did not work. Vernon calls him a "good-for-nothing" (PS1) and Marge viciously calls them drunks and layabouts and says that they got what they deserved. Rowling has told us that James Potter was so wealthy that he did not need a well-paying job (AOL) so Vernon's and Marge's assertions are at best misleading and at worst, fabrications.

Harry's own family

Harry married his sweetheart Ginny Weasley and had three children:

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