Here’s our report of the Black Family Tree, thanks to Aberforth!


Key 1 – Phineus’ youngest sibling was Isla Black, who married muggle Bob Hitchens.

Key 2 – his 2nd child was another Phineus, who ‘supported Muggle rights.
His 3rd child, who married Violetta, was Cygnus (1889-1943).
Their children were:

  1. Pollux (1912-1990) who married Irma Crabbe
  2. Cassiopeia (1915-92)
  3. (Key 3) Marius, ‘a squib’
  4. 4 Dorea

Pollux and Irma’s children were:
1 Walburga (1925-85) – Sirius’ ghastly mother
2 ((Key 5) Alphard, who ‘gave gold to his runaway nephew’
3 Cygnus (1938-92) who married Druella Rosier and fathered the 3 sisters, Bellatrix(1951- ), Andromeda (Key 7) who married Muggle-born Ted Tonks, and Narcissa
Now back up to Phineus’ oldest son, and he is another Sirius (1877-1952) who married Hesper Gamp [nod to Dickens?] Their children were:
1 Arcturus (1901-91) who married Melania MacMillan
2 Lycoris (1904-65) – not sure M or F
3 Regulus (1906-59)
Arcturus and Melania had 2 children:
1 Lucretia (1915-92) who married Ignatius Prewett
2 Orion (1929-79) who married Walburga and fathered Sirius (Key 6, who ‘ran away’) and Regulus (1961-79)
The piece de resistance is Key 4, the sister to Callidora and Charis:
Cedrella, scrubbed because she ‘married Septimus Weasley’)


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