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Bagshot house Building

Godric's Hollow - West Country - England - United Kingdom

Now filled with the "odor of old age, of dust, of unwashed clothes and stale food," the Bagshot house has been home to Bathilda Bagshot for many years. The house is located in Godric's Hollow, in between the town square and the Potter cottage (DH17). It was here that Grindelwald stayed when he came to Godric's Hollow in search of the Cloak of Invisibility, and when he befriended Albus Dumbledore (DH18, DH35).

Harry and Hermione visited this house in search of Gryffindor's sword, and were tricked into thinking that Bathilda was still alive. The house at this point was in great disrepair, with peeling paint and an awful smell, though as Bathilda had been dead only a couple of months (DH22) it was probably beginning to fall into disrepair while she was still alive.

The yard of the house is gated and has a short walk leading through a small garden (overgrown when Harry and Hermione visit) and up to the front door. Inside a small archway leads to a sitting room with a fireplace and photographs lining the room. Up a set of steep, narrow stairs lies a bedroom where Harry discovered that Nagini had been posing as Bathilda, and where he was attacked by the snake and nearly killed before he and Hermione narrowly escaped (DH17).

bakery Muggle world, the

Pudding Lane - London - England - United Kingdom

According to Muggle legend, the 1666 great fire of London started in a bakery in Pudding Lane; according to wizarding legend, however, the fire actually started in the basement of a neighboring house, where a wizarding resident secretly kept a young dragon (JKR).

Ballycastle Quidditch

Northern Ireland - United Kingdom

Ballycastle is a town on the north coast of Northern Ireland, and home of the Ballycastle Bats - a member of the British and Irish Quidditch League (QA7).

Location: Map of Wizarding Britain

Banchory Quidditch

Scotland - United Kingdom

Near the east coast of Scotland, Banchory was once the home of the Banchory Bangers, a Quidditch team known for their awful skills and reckless shenanigans that eventually led to the team's disbanding in 1814 (QA5).

Bandon magical creatures

Ireland - Europe

A small market town located in southern Ireland, roughly ten miles from the Celtic Sea, Bandon was presumably the home of the Bandon Banshee, which Gilderoy Lockhart claimed to have banished (CS6). This may have even been the inspiration for the title of his book, Break with a Banshee, which was on the Hogwarts book list for Harry's second year (CS4). Of course, Lockhart later revealed that the banshee was actually banished not by him, but by a witch with a hairy chin (CS16, CS changes).


Dhaka, BangladeshAsia

Located east of India on the coast of the Indian Ocean, WEB LINK Bangladesh is one of the world's most populated countries despite its tiny size. Quidditch has never caught on much here, primarily because in this region flying carpets are used for transportation rather than brooms (QA8).

Barnsley Muggle world, the

Yorkshire - England - United Kingdom

The Five Feathers in Barnsley is home to Bungy the waterskiing budgerigar, about whom Harry heard a news story while listening to the Muggle news (OP1). Barnsley is a sizeable city of about 200,000 people and is located in north central England, just south of Leeds. It also has its own college, which shares the city's name.

Barnton Quidditch

Cheshire - England - United Kingdom

Barnton is a small village located east of Liverpool in western England. It was also the home of a notable amateur Quidditch team in the nineteenth century (QA6).

See also Upper Barnton.


Public Baths, Bath
Somerset - England - United Kingdom

Located in southwestern England near Bristol, Bath was so named because it was once home to an elaborate Roman public bath, fed by Britain's only hot springs. A replica of the Roman structure has now been built there above the ruins of the original.

Ron mentioned Bath in CS13, when he told Harry a story he had heard of a witch in Bath who owned a book that had been bewitched so you could never stop reading it.

Location: Map of Wizarding Britain

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic Building HistoryWitches & Wizards

France - Europe

One of at least three magical schools in Europe, Beauxbatons participated alongside Hogwarts and Durmstang in the Triwizard Tournament (more...)

Bermuda Triangle

Atlantic Ocean

An imaginary triangle formed by drawing lines between Miami, Bermuda, and San Juan, the Bermuda Triangle is a region of the western Atlantic Ocean famous for unexplained disappearances of ships and planes, though there is no scientific evidence that points to a reason for such disappearances. It is mentioned in an advertisement in one of Rowling's Daily Prophets, where a business called Terrortours offers cruises of the area.

Bethnal Green Muggle world, the

London - England - United Kingdom

A neighborhood on London's East End, historically known as a poor area. Bethnal Green was also where Willy Widdershins pranked Muggles with exploding toilets, which Mr. Weasley had to investigate in OP9.

Location: Map of Wizarding London

Bigonville Quidditch

Luxembourg - Europe

A small city in western Luxembourg, not far from the border with Belgium. The Bigonville Bombers, a Quidditch team known for high scoring, presumably make their home here. This team is possibly the same as Luxembourg's national team (QA8).

Location: Map of European Quidditch Teams


Birmingham (c)
West Midlands - England - United Kingdom

Birmingham is located in west-central England and, after London, is the country's second most populated city. The second time Harry rode the Knight Bus, the bus jumped from Grimmauld Place to "just outside Birmingham," according to Stan Shunpike (OP24).

Location: Map of Wizarding Britain

Black Forest Quidditch

Black Forest
Germany - Europe

Shortly after Harry, Hermione and the Weasleys travelled via Portkey to the Quidditch World Cup, Basil told them that they needed to move out of the way because a big party would arrive from the Black Forest in a few minutes (GF7). This party was travelling via Portkey, then, from Germany - where the Black Forest has for centuries been a haven for vacationing nobility and working artists and writers.

The Black Forest is also home to Ellerby and Spudmore, a broom company that produces the Tinderblast and the Swiftstick (QA9), as well as the natural habitat of the Erkling (FB).

Black Sea Muggle world, the Creatures


The Black Sea, sandwiched between Ukraine and Turkey in eastern Europe, was the site of a near-tragic accident in 1799 when a Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon carried off a sailing ship. Thankfully, the ship was empty at the time (FB).

Blackpool Pier Witches & Wizards

Lancashire - England - United Kingdom

There are now three separate piers at Blackpool, on the northwestern coast of England on the Irish Sea. The North Pier, however, was once referred to as Blackpool pier, and for nearly 150 years has been an entertainment center, now featuring a theatre, shops, restaurants, and bars. Apparently the Longbottoms have visited, for this was where Neville as a young boy was pushed off the end of the pier by his Great Uncle Algie to try to "force magic out of him"; he nearly drowned (PS7).

Bodmin Moor Quidditch

Cornwall - England - United Kingdom

Located in Cornwall at the southwestern tip of England, Bodmin Moor is a historical farming region that also at one time featured a Quidditch stadium (more...).

Borgin & Burkes Building Merchant History Witches & Wizards

Knockturn Alley - London - England - United Kingdom

A shop which engages in the buying and selling of Dark Magic items (more...)

Location: Map of Diagon Alley

Borneo magical creatures

Indonesia / Malaysia / Brunei - Asia

An island near the Phillipines and the South China Sea, Borneo was once covered in rainforests, though many have been destroyed through logging and farming. Acromantulas are native to Borneo (FB).

Bottom Bridge magical creatures

Ottery St. Catchpole - England - United Kingdom

This bridge, which spans a river near the Lovegood house in Ottery St. Catchpole, is where Luna Lovegood fishes for Freshwater Plimpies. That is, she does so according to the lies spun by her father, Xeno (DH20).

Braga Quidditch

Portugal - Europe

Braga is a beautiful historic city in northern Portugal, and home of the Braga Broomfleet, one of the best Quidditch teams in the world (QA7).

See also the Muggle Encyclopedia entry for Porto.

Location: Map of European Quidditch Teams

Brazil Quidditch magical creatures

Sugar Loaf Mountain, Brazil
South America

The largest country in South America (and also the only one with a primary language of Portuguese, rather than Spanish) WEB LINKBrazil is home to much of the Amazon rainforest.

The snake which Harry freed from the zoo was native to Brazil, though it was bred in captivity (PS2). Bill Weasley once had a penfriend here as well (GF7).

Brazil's national Quidditch team also reached the World Cup quarterfinals in the last century (QA8).


South Pacific

Hagrid flew the motorcycle over this city on his way to Privet Drive, at which time baby Harry fell asleep (PS1). Bristol is a city located in southwestern England near Chipping Sodbury, where Rowling grew up.

See also the Muggle Encyclopedia entry for Bristol.

Location: Map of Wizarding Britain



Brockdale Bridge Muggle world, the History

England - United Kingdom

The Brockdale Bridge was less than ten years old when, thanks to Death Eaters, it collapsed and killed a large number of Muggles who were on it (HBP1). There doesn't seem to be an actual Brockdale Bridge, and there isn't enough information given to pinpoint a location for it, but since it is the Prime Minister's concern it must be somewhere in the United Kingdom, and it was certainly built over a river somewhere as the cars plunged into the water.

Brookshire Muggle world, the

England - Europe

Brookshire is almost certainly a fictitious county in England, home to the town of Crawford and therefore to Robert Wood. Robert is a (presumably fictitious) Muggle fan of J. K. Rowling, who writes to her on in the F.A.Q. Poll section.

Budleigh Babberton Muggle world, the Witches & Wizards

Devon - England - United Kingdom

Budleigh Babberton is a small Muggle town with a war memorial in the center and a church. Horace Slughorn took up residence in a Muggle house there for a week while its owners were on holiday in the Canary Islands, and this is where Harry and Dumbledore visited him to convince him to return to teaching at Hogwarts (HBP4).

There is no Budleigh Babberton in the Muggle world. Its namesake, however, is most likely Budleigh Salterton - a coastal town southwest of Exeter. Also nearby are Chudleigh and Ottery St. Mary, two towns whose names Rowling similarly tweaked to create Chudley and Ottery St.Catchpole.


Types of buildings:

Other miscellaneous wizarding buildings:

Muggle buildings:

Bulgaria Quidditch


A country in eastern Europe. The Bulgarian National Quidditch team played Ireland for the World Cup in GF8. We also learned then that WEB LINKBulgaria has a ministry of magic, including Minister for Magic Mr. Oblansk. Bulgaria's best Quidditch team makes its home in Vrasta (QA7).

Location: Map of European Quidditch Teams

Burkina Faso magical creatures


WEB LINKBurkina Faso is a tiny country in western Africa. We know that it has a Ministry of Magic and that the runespoor is native to here (FB). We also hear in CS9 about one of Gilderoy Lockhart's supposed adventures that took place in Burkina Faso, specifically in its capital, Ouagadougou. Whatever these attacks were, they were supposedly very similar to the attacks that stemmed from the opening of the Chamber of Secrets.

Burrow, the Building Witches & Wizards

Ottery St. Catchpole - Devon - England - United Kingdom

Located in Ottery St. Catchpole, the Burrow is the home of the Weasley family (more...)

Location: Map of Ottery St. Catchpole

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