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Caerphilly Quidditch

Wales - Europe

Since 1402, Caerphilly has been the home of the Caerphilly Catapults of the British and Irish Quidditch League (QA8). It is a town located in southeastern Wales, north of Cardiff.


Tottenham Court Rd - London - England - United Kingdom

This all-night cafe on Tottenham Court Road was the first place to which Harry, Ron, and Hermione went after they were forced to make a quick escape from Bill and Fleur's wedding (DH9). It was described as "small and shabby," and had a layer of grease atop the Formica tables. However, shortly after they arrived, Hermione unwittingly spoke Voldemort's name, and was quickly tracked by Death Eaters (DH20). Despite a quick attack on the part of Dolohov and Rowle, the trio was able to fight them off, modify their memories, and make a quick escape (DH9).


Egypt - Africa

Cairo is the capital of Egypt, as well as its largest city. At some point before Dumbledore graduated from Hogwarts, he won a gold medal for "Ground-Breaking Contribution to the International Alchemical Conference in Cairo" (DH18).

campground Muggles Quidditch Witches & Wizards

Quidditch World Cup - Europe

"Most tents looked almost ordinary; their owners had clearly tried to make them as Muggle-like as possible, but had slipped up by adding chimneys, or bellpulls, or weather vanes." (GF7)

Located next to a wood and a twenty minute walk away from a "nice deserted moor" and the Quidditch World Cup Stadium, this campground was where the Weasleys stayed the day before and the night after the match. It was looked after by Mr. Roberts, who had to receive regular Memory Charms (GF7) and who was captured and tortured by Death Eaters the night after the World Cup (GF9). There were other similar campgrounds in the vicinity as well.

Three years later, Harry, Ron, and Hermione pay a return visit to the area surrounding this campsite, spending a night in the nearby woods while on the run from Death Eaters. They Apparated to the site, set up protections, spent the night, and quietly departed once again the following morning (DH14).

Location: Map of the Quidditch World Cup

Canada Quidditch

North America

One of the largest countries in the world, WEB LINKCanada nevertheless has a relatively small population, due largely to its abundance of forests and frigid climates. It is home, however, to three of the most accomplished Quidditch teams in the world, based out of Haileybury, Moose Jaw, and Stonewall (QA8).

Canary Islands Muggles

Canary Islands
Spain - Europe

Horace Slughorn took up residence in a Muggle house in Budleigh Babberton in HBP4 while its owners were away at the Canary Islands. The Islands are located off the southwestern tip of Spain and are a European tourism hotspot, with more than 10 million tourists visiting every year.

Catalonia Creatures

Spain - Europe

A region in the northeastern tip of Spain, Catalonia is the native region of the Catalonian Fireball Dragon. Though not mentioned in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a sketch of the Catalonian Fireball can be found in the pages of Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit, the pages of which are sketched in a hidden page on Rowling's website. Drawn along with the Portuguese Long-Snout, the Fireball brings the total number of known dragon species to twelve.

cave History Witches & Wizards

England(?) - Europe

Though we can't be certain where it's located, somewhere in Britain is the cave Tom Riddle visited as a boy on a trip with his orphanage - and where he later stored one of his Horcruxes.

The cave had a large number of complex enchantments placed on it, some placed by Voldemort and some perhaps by earlier wizards, which were designed to keep others away from the Horcrux:

  • It was impossible to Apparate inside the cave.

  • A smaller entrance cave, with steps leading in, had "known magic," including a concealed door that required blood to open. Dumbledore disliked this magic; in describing it he "sounded disdainful, even disappointed, as though Voldemort had fallen short of the standards Dumbledore expected" (HBP26).

  • Inside the larger cave (with a lake), a Summoning Charm caused an Inferius to leap out of the water.

  • A small boat was hidden beneath the water, invisible.

  • The boat only allowed one wizard of age to ride in it at a time (at least, Dumbledore believed this was so).

  • On the other side of the lake, the Horcrux sat in a basin full of potion:
    • The potion cannot be touched, Vanished, Transfigured, or Charmed; it had to be drunk

    • When the potion is drunk it caused almost unbearable pain and makes the drinker thirsty.

    • After finishing the potion, the drinker is extremely weak

  • Water cannot be Conjured on the island; the only way to obtain it is from the lake.

  • When Harry touched the lake, an army of Inferi erupted from it to attack him.

Once the enchantments were in place, Voldemort took Kreacher with him to the cave, brought him across the lake, and made the house-elf drink the potion. He then deposited his Horcrux in the basin, departed the island, and left Kreacher behind to die. Kreacher managed to escape, though, when he was summoned back home by Regulus and he Apparated out. When Regulus learned what had happened, he was so infuriated he returned to the cave with Kreacher as well to steal the Horcrux; when he drank the potion himself, though, he ran to the lake to drink the water, and was dragged underneath and killed by the army of Inferi ().

The cave then remained empty for sixteen years, until Harry and Dumbledore successfully retrieved what they thought was Slytherin's locket. Only when Harry looked at it later did he realized it was not the real locket but the one Regulus had left in place of the true Horcrux (HBP28).

caveWitches & Wizards

Hogsmeade - Scotland - United Kingdom

Separate from the cave listed above, this cave, located just outside Hogsmeade, was the place Dumbledore recommended Sirius Black hide so that he could keep an eye on Harry during the Triwizard Tournament. Harry, Ron, and Hermione visited Sirius there in GF27. The cave was later twice occupied by Hagrid, Grawp, and Fang when they were on the run from the Ministry of Magic (HBP8, DH31).

Charing Cross Road Muggles

London - England - United Kingdom

Located in central London, Charing Cross Road is the site of the Muggle side of the Leaky Cauldron, and therefore borders Diagon Alley as well. Harry walked down Charing Cross Road with Hagrid in PS5, and later rode down it on the Knight Bus (PA3) and in Ministry cars (HBP6).

Location: Map of Wizarding London

China Creatures Herbology Famous Wizard Cards

The Great Wall of China

WEB LINKChina is the most populated country in the world, with over one billion people. It is home to several species of magical creatures, including the phoenix and the Chinese Fireball dragon (FB). Tibet is also located in China.

Two wizards of note were Chinese: magical creatures specialist Quong Po and alchemist Dzou Yen were both born there (fw).

China is also, presumably, the home of the Chinese Chomping Cabbage.

Location: Map of Dragons of the World

Chipping Clodbury Creatures

England - United Kingdom

Chipping Clodbury does not actually exist in the Muggle world. Rowling almost certainly wrote it as a play on words, for the town she grew up in was called Chipping Sodbury.

This town was the location of a late-night meeting between Ministry representatives and the Brotherhood of Goblins intended to discuss the creation of a goblin bill of rights. As the meeting was going on ("I thought we were all getting along fine until I heard the first explosion" --Royden Poke), a group of goblins who had gotten hold of wands started a small riot in the town. They Transfigured post boxes and litter bins, blew up some shrubbery and a small shed, and shouted B.O.G. slogans in the streets. Members of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad lulled back to sleep any Muggles of the town who may have been awakened and all was put to rights by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (DP).

See also the Muggle Encyclopedia entry for Chipping Sodbury.

Chudley Quidditch

Devon - England - Europe

Home of the Chudley Cannons, Ron's favorite Quidditch team, that is regularly at the bottom of the British and Irish Quidditch League standings (CS3). Though there is no Chudley in Britain, there is a Chudleigh - which is located in Devon not far from Ottery St. Catchpole and the Burrow. (Eight centuries is long enough for the spelling to drift, isn't it?)

See also the Muggle Encyclopedia entry for Chudleigh.


We know of several churches specifically:

church hall Building Music

Little Norton - United Kingdom

The church hall in Little Norton was the site of the final concert for Stubby Boardman and his band, the Hobgoblins, c. 1980. It was at this concert that Stubby was "struck in the ear by a turnip" and decided to retire from public life (OP10). Of course, this was all according to Doris Purkiss as she was quoted in the Quibbler, so it's possible that none of it is true at all.


Little Hangleton - England - United Kingdom

See graveyard.


London - England - United Kingdom

Clapham is a neighborhood in southwest London that, at number two, Laburnum Gardens, is home to Sturgis Podmore. We learn this from the Daily Prophet article regarding his arrest (OP14).

See also the Muggle Encyclopedia entry for Clapham.


United Kingdom

When on the run from Death Eaters, some of the many places that Harry, Hermione, and Ron camp out are "the shadowy crevices of cliffs" (DH15).

Cokeworth Muggles

United Kingdom

Though Cokeworth doesn't exist in the real Muggle world, in the Harry Potter universe it is the home of the Railview Hotel, where Vernon Dursley drives the family in a desperate attempt to escape Harry's letters from Hogwarts in PS3.

Colophon Famous Wizard Cards


The ancient Greek Apollonian oracle, founded by Mopsus, was located in Colophon (fw). Colophon was an ancient Greek city that was destroyed many centuries ago.

Congo magical creatures


There are now two countries by this name: WEB LINKCongo and the WEB LINKDemocratic Republic of the Congo, formerly known (and named in FB) as Zaire. They are neighbors in central Africa and share their name with the Congo river, which flows through them. The Tebo is native to this area (FB).

Cork Quidditch

Ireland - Europe

A Quidditch team from Cork, playing against the Lancashire team in 1385 in Lancashire, had to flee town to escape harm after winning the match (QA8). Cork is the second largest city in Ireland, located on its southern coast.

Cornwall Creatures Famous Wizard Cards

England - United Kingdom

The southwestern tip of England is the county of Cornwall, wherein lie Falmouth and Bodmin Moor. Cornwall makes up part of England's West Country, along with Devon and Somerset. There is a Muggle Duke of Cornwall, a position with a wizarding connection since several centuries ago the Duke fathered Morgana, a famous witch (fw8).

Cornish Pixies - the type let loose in the classroom by Gilderoy Lockhart in CS6 - are native to here, and in fact in the seventeenth century Dymphna Furmage experienced an 'unfortunate incident' with pixies while on holiday in Cornwall (fw43). One has to wonder whether it could have been more unfortunate than Neville's incident in Lockhart's class, when he got hung on the classroom chandelier and then fell (CS6).

Cotswolds Creatures Famous Wizard Cards

England - United Kingdom

The Cotswolds is a small area in England famous for beautiful rolling hills, and which also contains Bath. Trolls have, historically, probably made homes here - we know that troll specialist Gondoline Oliphant was clubbed to death by trolls in the Cotswolds while she was sketching in 1799 (fw).

Snowshill, Cotswolds


Well over 40 countries are mentioned in the Harry Potter books. For complete lists, please refer to the continent pages:


United Kingdom

When on the run from Death Eaters, one of the many places that Harry, Hermione, and Ron camp out is "a sheltered and pebbly cove" (DH15).

Crawford Muggles

Brookshire - England - United Kingdom

Crawford is the home of Robert Wood, a Muggle fan of J.K. Rowling who writes to her in the F.A.Q. Poll section of her website. According to the site, Crawford is in Brookshire - a fictitious county. There is a real Crawford in England, a town of a few hundred people in South Lanarkshire, but we don't know whether this is the town Jo intended.

Cromer Creatures Famous Wizard Cards

Norfolk - England - United Kingdom

Cromer is a small, seaside town on the east coast of England - almost straight east of London, in Norfolk. In the early eighteenth century, this was presumably the home of the feared Sea Serpent of Cromer, which was killed by Glanmore Peakes (fw).

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