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Daily Prophet Offices Building Merchant

Diagon Alley - London - England - United Kingdom

Though its exact location is unknown, we know the Daily Prophet is headquartered in Diagon Alley (more...)

Location: Map of Diagon Alley

Deadmarsh Creatures

United Kingdom(?)

A hag by the name of Annis Black lives in a cave here. She wrote a letter to the Daily Prophet protesting the way they characterized hags in their articles (DP).

Dervish and Banges Building Merchant

Hogsmeade - Scotland - United Kingdom

A magical equipment shop in Hogsmeade (more...)

Location: Map of Hogsmeade


England - United Kingdom

A county located in England's West Country, Devon was where Shuntbumps, a now-defunct broomstick sport, once rose to popularity (QA2). Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel make their home there as well (PS13).

Locations in Devon:

Diagon Alley History Witches & Wizards

Diagon Alley (PS/f)
London - England - United Kingdom

A wizarding shopping district located behind the Leaky Cauldron in central London (more...).

Location: Map of Wizarding London
More Information: Map of Diagon Alley


Greater Manchester - England - United Kingdom

Didsbury is a subarb of Manchester, in northwest England. It is (or was) also the home of warlock D.J. Prod, a satisfied Kwikspell customer quoted on their packaging in CS8.

See also the Muggle Encyclopedia entry for Didsbury.

Diggle house

Kent(?) - England - United Kingdom

The home of Dedalus Diggle - most likely located in Kent, judging by McGonagall's suspicions (PS1) - was burned down by Death Eaters immediately after the downfall of the Ministry of Magic. Fortunately, he wasn't home (DH11).

Dijon Witches & Wizards

France - Europe

Hermione and her parents went on holiday to France in summer 1993 (PA1), a trip which apparently included a stop in Dijon. Two years later, when Hagrid and Madame Maxime were travelling to see giants, they went through Dijon pretending they were going to Beauxbatons, but there they slipped away from the wizards who were following them and continued into the mountains instead (OP20). Dijon is likely near Beauxbatons, then, which makes sense since it is on the southern coast of France.

Dorset Creatures

England - United Kingdom

Dorset is a county located on the southern coast of England that includes Wimbourne and Millburn. It is where Newt Scamander, author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, lives with his wife Porpentina and their pet Kneazles. It is also the native home of the Porlock (FB).

Location: Map of Wizarding Britain

Downing Street

London - England - United Kingdom

The phrase "Downing Street" usually is referring to number ten, Downing Street, the home of the British Muggle Prime Minister. This is where Kingsley Shacklebolt works undercover, protecting the Prime Minister during the war against Voldemort. After he helps fly Harry away from number four, Privet Drive, Kingsley is the first to depart the Burrow, saying that he has "to get back to Downing Street," as he "should have been there an hour ago" (DH5).

dragon reservations Creatures


There are presumably dragon reservations all over the world, hidden in the mountains where Muggles are unlikely to come across them. However, we only know of two specifically: one is between Kopparberg and Arjeplog in Sweden (FB); the other, in Romania - where Charlie Weasley works (PS6) and which, most likely, Harvey Ridgebit also established (JKR).

Drear, Isle of Creatures

Scotland - United Kingdom

The tiny island of Drear is located off the northernmost point of Scotland. Its sole inhabitants are the fierce Quintapeds (FB). The map, of course, shows only the approximate location of Drear, since it is Unplottable.

Location: Map of Wizarding Britain

Dumbledore house

Godric's Hollow - West Country - England - United Kingdom

We've actually known the Dumbledore family to live in two houses: the first was in Mould-on-the-Wold, and was where Ariana was found and tortured by Muggles as a small child. After this happened, and Percival was sent to Azkaban for taking revenge on the Muggle children, Kendra moved the family instead to Godric's Hollow. The house there had a back garden, where Bathilda Bagshot once saw Kendra leading Ariana around (DH11).

This house was also where Gellert Grindelwald spent a summer hanging out with Albus Dumbledore, and where both Kendra and Ariana were eventually killed (DH28).


Murraygate, Dundee
Scotland - United Kingdom

After Voldemort's downfall in PS1, Muggle television viewers phoned in from Dundee to alert the Muggle weatherman to sightings of shooting stars there, though the shooting stars were actually the work of celebrating wizards.

Dundee is the fourth largest city in Scotland, located near the eastern coast. It boasts the longest railway bridge in the United Kingdom, which has been in operation since 1887. Another bridge stood in its place before that, but it collapsed in a storm while a passenger train was crossing. [Photo courtesy WEB]

Location: Map of Wizarding Britain

Durmstrang Institute Building History Witches & Wizards


One of at least three wizarding schools in Europe, along with Hogwarts and Beauxbatons (more...)

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