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Falmouth Quidditch

Cornwall - England - United Kingdom

Falmouth is a coastal town with an important harbour, and is located at the southwestern tip of England. Falmouth is also home to the Falmouth Falcons, a member of the British and Irish Quidditch League (QA7).

far distant country

We don't know which country this is, except that it's a long way from Britain, but the President of this country was scheduled to call the British Prime Minister on the night he was instead visited by Cornelius Fudge and Rufus Scrimgeour. The wizards arranged for the President to forget the call (HBP1).

Far East Creatures


The Far East is a name given to eastern Asia by westerners; it always refers to Japan, Korea, and eastern China, and occasionally is used to signify other countries in the region as well. The Demiguise, Occamy, and Re'em are all native to this area (FB).


United Kingdom

After a stop at a small market town failed to provide any food, Harry, Ron, and Hermione travelled instead to this farm, located somewhere in Britain. Here they were able to snatch some eggs and bread, though it wasn't exactly stealing as Hermione left some money under the chicken coop (DH15).

fen History Witches & Wizards

England - United Kingdom

A fen is an alkaline wetland, mostly found (in Britain, anyway) near the eastern shore of England, in and near Norfolk. According to one of the Sorting Hat's songs (GF12), Salazar Slytherin came from fen, suggesting that he was most likely from this area.


United Kingdom

When Harry, Hermione, and Ron were forced to make a quick getaway from Xeno Lovegood's house, they Apparated to the corner of a field, where they quickly set up protective spells and camped for the night (DH22).

Fiji Creatures

Fidji, Fiji
South Pacific

A beautiful South Pacific island nation, WEB LINKFiji is the native habitat of the Fire Crab. Hundreds of miles of coastline there have been turned into a Fire Crab reservation (FB).

Fitchburg Quidditch

Massachusetts - United States - North America

With Salem and Sweetwater, Fitchburg is one of the three U.S. towns named by Rowling in the books. It is named as the home of the Fitchburg Finches, who have won the U.S. Quidditch cup seven times (QA8).

Five Feathers Building Muggles

Barnsley - Yorkshire - England - United Kingdom

We don't know for sure what exactly the Five Feathers is (a pub? a pet store? a bird zoo?) but we do know that it's located in Barnsley - and that Budgie the waterskiing budgerigar lives there. Harry heard about him while listening to the Muggle news (OP1), and upon hearing that story concluded that no useful information would come from the news that day.

Flanders Quidditch

Belgium - Europe

Flanders is a region that consists roughly of the northern half of Belgium and incorporates the Flemish region of the country. A Quidditch team from Flanders played against Transylvania in the first World Cup (QA8).

Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor Building Merchants Witches & Wizards

Diagon Alley - London - England - United Kingdom

A shop Harry has frequented in Diagon Alley (more...)

Location: Map of Diagon Alley

Flourish and Blotts Building Merchants Witches & Wizards

Diagon Alley - London - England - United Kingdom

A bookstore in Diagon Alley that serves as the primary supplier of schoolbooks for Hogwarts (more...)

Location: Map of Diagon Alley

Forbidden Forest Creatures History Witches & Wizards

Forbidden Forest (PS/f)
Scotland - United Kingdom

"So they followed the darting shadows of the spiders into the trees. They couldn't move very quickly now; there were tree roots and stumps in their way, barely visible in the near blackness...." (CS15)

Located adjacent to Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest is home to all sorts of creatures (more...)

Location: Map of Hogwarts and Environs


We know of a number of forests:

Forest of Dean Witches & Wizards

England - United Kingdom

First just one of the many places that Harry and Hermione camp while searching for Voldemort's Horcruxes, the Forest of Dean soon played a pivotal role in their adventure when Hermione let their location slip while opening her bag, and Phineas Nigellus Black overheard. He quickly delivered the information to Snape, who took advantage of the situation and delivered Gryffindor's sword to Harry by means of his Patronus (DH33).

When he found the sword, Harry was nearly killed as he tried to retrieve it, but was spared by Ron, who had found Harry and Hermione after leaving them several weeks prior (DH19).

The Forest of Dean is located in western England, near its border with Wales. Its history dates back thousands of years, having been used as everything from coal mines to a royal hunting ground.

France History Witches & Wizards


WEB LINKFrance is located across the English Channel from England and is famous for being a rival to England in many ways. Hagrid and Madame Maxime travelled to France en route to eastern Europe when they sought out the giants, a story Hagrid told in detail in OP20. Hermione also took a trip to France with her parents during one summer holiday, which included at least a stop in Dijon (OP20).

The first meeting of the International Confederation of Wizards was also held in France (OP31).

Locations in France:

Wizards from France:

Location: Map of European Quidditch Teams

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