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Laburnum Gardens

Clapham - London - England - United Kingdom

A street located in Clapham, London, which at number two is home to Sturgis Podmore (OP14).

There are two streets by this name in London - one is in Enfield, while the other is in Croydon. (Clapham Common is in Lambeth.)

lakes and lochs

The Lake (PA/f)

"Loch" is a Gaelic word meaning "lake", that usually is applied to lakes in Scotland.

lakes and lochs found in the series:

(For lochs used as locations in the films, see About the Films.)

See also: islands, oceans, rivers, seas.

Lake Windermere

England - United Kingdom

When slandering Elphias Doge in a newspaper interview, Rita Skeeter claimes that he's gone completely crazy, and thought that he was sitting at the bottom of Lake Windermere, and that she should watch out for trout (DH1).

Lancashire Quidditch

England - United Kingdom

Lancashire was the site of a Quidditch match in 1385 that didn't go too well for the local team; a team from Cork beat them soundly and the fans of the Lancashire team chased them out of town (QA8). Lancashire is a county in northwestern England, which contains Blackpool Pier and is quite possibly where the Longbottoms are from.

Lanes End Muggles

Millburn - Dorset - England - United Kingdom

A street in the ficticous town of Millburn and, at number seventeen, home to Stuart Jones - an eight-year-old Muggle fan of J.K. Rowling, who writes to her in the FAQ - Other Stuff section of her website.

Leaky Cauldron, the Building Merchants Witches & Wizards

London - England - United Kingdom

"A famous place," the Leaky Cauldron is a wizarding pub located on Charing Cross Road in London (more...)

Location: Map of Wizarding London, Map of Diagon Alley

library Building Muggles

London - England - United Kingdom

Hogwarts has a library of course, but it isn't the only one that Hermione visits. While searching for Horcruxes, she, Harry, and Ron come to London in search of Tom Riddle's orphanage. There, Hermione sneaks into a Muggle library, where she discovers that the orphanage has been demolished (DH15).

Liechtenstein History


A tiny, mountainous country located between Austria and Switzerland, WEB LINKLiechtenstein is home to only about 33,000 people. Though it has not played a central role in Muggle history, it did have a place in wizarding history: the warlocks of Liechtenstein refused to join the International Confederation of Wizards at its first forming. Harry's History of Magic O.W.L. asked why this was the case, though he never did come up with the answer (OP31).

Little Dropping Famous Wizard Cards

Hampshire - England - United Kingdom

A hamlet in Hampshire which was blown up by Archibald Alderton when he tried to mix a birthday cake (fw40).

Little Hangleton History Witches & Wizards

England - United Kingdom

A town of massive importance to recent wizarding history and yet unknown to most modern wizards, Little Hangleton is found about six miles from its neighbor, Great Hangleton, and is the location of the Riddle House, where Tom Marvolo Riddle killed his father, Tom Riddle, and his grandparents in the summer of 1944 (HBP10). It is also the location of the graveyard where Voldemort regained his body in 1995 (GF32).

Nearby, in a copse on the hillside, was the Gaunt House, wherein lived the Gaunt family, the last remaining descendants of Salazar Slytherin (HBP10).

There is an actual place called Hangleton, in a place called Hove, near Brighton on the East Sussex coast. It's located far too near to Privet Drive to be the "real" Hangleton, however (thanks to Greg McAusland on the Lexicon Forum for this information).

Locations in Little Hangleton:

Known inhabitants of Little Hangleton fifty years ago (c. 1940):

Location: Map of Wizarding Britain

Little Norton Music

United Kingdom

At a 1980 Hobgoblins concert in Little Norton church hall, lead singer Stubby Boardman was hit in the ear by a turnip, prompting him to retire (OP10). There are at least four Nortons in the U.K.; we have no way of knowing which is the exact location of this town.

Little Whinging Muggles Witches & Wizards

Surrey - England - United Kingdom

A quiet, perfectly normal suburb of London, where the houses are large and square (OP1), and where you'll find the perfectly normal residence of number four, Privet Drive.

Locations in Little Whinging

Little Whinging (PS/f)

Residents of Little Whinging

Location: Map of Wizarding Britain
More Info: Map of Little Whinging

Liverpool BroomsticksMusic

Merseyside - England - United Kingdom

A famous port town on the western coast of England, Liverpool was the site of a Celestina Warbeck concert in 1999 (DP). As late ticket-holders raced to the event, there was a three-broom crash over the Mersey River, which runs through Liverpool.

Location: Map of Wizarding Britain


Loch Lomond Magical Creatures Famous Wizard Cards

Scotland - United Kingdom

Perhaps the most famous loch in Scotland, we know that Loch Lomond is home to merpeople because Mirabella Plunkett fell in love with a merman from Loch Lomond (fw65).

Loch Ness Magical Creatures

Scotland - United Kingdom

Loch Ness is, of course, the home of the Loch Ness Monster - actually a kelpie that prefers to take the form of a sea serpent. Loch Ness is the largest loch in Scotland, and its famous monster has gotten the Ministry of Magic in trouble for repeatedly breaking the International Code of Wizarding Secrecy (FB). In fact, the Ministry has been looking to relocate the monster - so far the only known wizard to offer a habitat was Rubeus Hagrid, who offered the Hogwarts lake (DP).

London History Witches & Wizards

England - United Kingdom

Located in southeastern England, London is one of the largest and most famous cities in the world. For Muggles, it is the center of British commerce and government, and for wizards and witches things are no different. We know of more wizarding places in London than anywhere else in Britain, and after Hogwarts and Privet Drive, it is the place where Harry spends the most time.

Major locations in London

London (PS/f)

Other wizarding places in London

London neighborhoods

Muggle places in London

Location: Map of Wizarding Britain, Map of Wizarding London

Lowercroft Muggles

Scotland - United Kingdom

A fictitious town in Scotland, Lowercroft is the home of Nicola Wells, a fifteen-year-old Muggle fan of J.K. Rowling who writes to her in the FAQ - About Me section of her website.  Nicola lives at number 25, Wildbrook Crescent.

Lovegood house Building Witches & Wizards

Ottery St. Catchpole - Devon - England - United Kingdom

On a hillside not far from the Burrow lies a cylindrical house shaped like a giant chess rook - the home of Xenophilius and Luna Lovegood, and also the main office of the Quibbler. Predictably, the place is rather, er, eccentric, with perfectly circular rooms and curved furniture painted in "bright primary colors." The first floor is the kitchen; the second, a living room (DH20); and at least part of the third floor is Luna's bedroom (DH21). Harry, Ron, and Hermione visited Xeno here in 1998, where they learned about the Deathly Hallows (DH20). When Xeno tried to turn them in, though, his Stunning Spell hit an Erumpet horn instead and all but blew the place apart (DH21).

Luxembourg Quidditch


A tiny European country sandwiched between France, Germany, and Belgium, Luxembourg had a Quidditch team that slaughtered Scotland's team in the World Cup playoffs of 1994, according to Charlie Weasley (GF5). Bigonville is also located in Luxembourg.

Location: Map of European Quidditch Teams

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