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Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions Buildings Merchant

Diagon Alley - London - England - United Kingdom

A robe shop used by Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys in Diagon Alley (more...)

Location: Map of Diagon Alley

Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop Buildings Merchant

Hogsmeade - Scotland - United Kingdom

"...a cramped, steamy little place where everything seemed to have been decorated with frills or bows." (OP25)

Located in Hogsmeade, Madam Puddifoot's is a favorite destination for Hogwarts students on dates (more...)

Location: Map of Hogsmeade

Magical Menagerie Buildings Merchant Magical Creatures

Magical Menagerie
Diagon Alley - London - England - United Kingdom

A magical creatures shop in Diagon Alley where, among other things, Hermione purchased Crookshanks (more...)

Location: Map of Diagon Alley

Magnolia Crescent Muggles

Little Whinging - Surrey - England - United Kingdom

"Several streets away" from Privet Drive (PA3), Magnolia Crescent is a street on which several of Dudley's friends probably live, as he bade them goodbye "at the entrance to Magnolia Crescent" when they were all walking home (OP1). It is probably also fairly long; Harry at one point heard a "mundane rumbling of cars" coming from here.

Adjacent to Magnolia Crescent is an alley (in front of number two), which forms a shortcut to Wisteria Walk, and where several interesting things have happened to Harry.

Location: Map of Little Whinging

Magnolia Road Muggles

Little Whinging - Surrey - England - United Kingdom

Also found in Little Whinging, Magnolia Road is on the opposite side of Magnolia Crescent from Privet Drive (OP1). On this street is a playground, where Dudley and his gang have broken all but one of the swings, and where Harry once sat thinking about Sirius and Cedric (OP1).

Location: Map of Little Whinging

Maidenhead Muggles Magical Creatures

Berkshire - England - United Kingdom

In a Daily Prophet story about out-of-control Hallowe'en celebrations, a Maidenhead barbecue is mentioned as an example of a wizarding party gone awry, as there were several loud explosions and a vampire came, "showed an alarming interest in the neighboring Muggles' daughter, and was only persuaded back over the fence by the offer of a raw steak" (DP). Maidenhead is an English town on the river Thames, located almost due west of London.

Majorca Muggles

Spain - Europe

Majorca (or Mallorca) is an island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain and a European vacationing hot spot, where the Dursleys wanted to buy a vacation home (CS1) and where Petunia's friend Yvonne once vacationed (PS2). Both of these events, of course, caused frustration for the Dursleys over Harry; the vacation home dream was ruined when Dobby dropped a pudding on Mrs. Mason's head, and since Yvonne couldn't watch Harry on Dudley's birthday, they were forced to bring him to the zoo instead.

Malfoy Manor Buildings Witches & Wizards

Wiltshire - England - United Kingdom

Located in Wiltshire, Malfoy Manor is home to the Malfoy family (more...)

market town

United Kingdom

The outskirts of this town was one of the places where Harry, Ron, and Hermione hid while on the run from the Death Eaters, and was a place where they stopped in hopes of finding food. However, this didn't go as planned, as dementors loomed over the town, and as he was wearing Slytherin's locket, Harry was unable to produce a Patronus (DH15).


United Kingdom

One of the many places that Harry and Hermione camped while searching for Voldemort's Horcruxes, though it proved not to be a very good idea as their tent flooded with cold water during the night (DH16).

Mauritius Magical Creatures

Indian Ocean

Mauritius is a tiny island nation found east of Madagascar in the southern Indian Ocean, and is famous both in the Muggle world and the wizarding world as the home of the Diricawl, which Muggles refer to as the dodo. Though Muggles believe that the bird died out over a century ago, wizards are aware of the bird's ability to vanish at will, and so realize that the magical creatures still do, in fact, exist (FB).

Mediterranean Sea Magical Creatures Herbology

Sandwiched between Europe and Africa, the Mediterranean has for centuries been one of the most trafficked bodies of water in the world. Yet somehow merpeople (including the Greek Sirens), the hippocampus and the sea serpent have managed to live in the sea undetected. The Mediterranean Sea is also a natural habitat of gillyweed, which we know because when Barty Crouch, Jr. wanted Harry to know about the plant, he gave Neville a book that included it: Magical Water-Plants of the Mediterranean (GF14, GF35).

meeting hall Buildings Magical Creatures History

England - United Kingdom

In the fourteenth century, this was the site of a Wizards' Council (precursor to the Ministry of Magic) meeting with all creatures that had been classified as "beings," which according to Burdock Muldoon's calculations was all creatures with two legs. The meeting didn't go very well, or indeed take place at all, as the goblins brought every two-legged creature they could find - some of which caused quite a ruckus (FB).

Mersey River Broomsticks Music

Mersey River, Liverpool (c)
Liverpool - Merseyside - England - United Kingdom

A river famous for running through the port of Liverpool on England's west coast, there was a three-way broom crash over this river involving wizards racing to get to a Celestina Warbeck concert (DP).

Millamant's Magic Marquees Merchant

United Kingdom

A business that Molly Weasley describes as "very good," that she hired to erect the large marquee at Bill and Fleur's wedding in 1997 (DH6).

Millburn Muggles

Dorset - England - United Kingdom

Though Dorset is a real county on the southern coast of England, Millburn is a fictitious town. At number 17 Lanes End, it is the home of Stuart Jones, a Muggle fan of J.K. Rowling who writes to her in the FAQ - Other Stuff section of her website.

Ministry of Magic Headquarters Buildings History Witches & Wizards

London - England - United Kingdom

Located underground in London, the Ministry Headquarters has a grand atrium and ten levels (more...)

Location: Map of Wizarding London

Minsk Magical Creatures

Belarus - Europe

Hagrid and Madame Maxime passed through Minsk on their way to meet the giants in the mountains, and in fact while there Hagrid "had a sligh' disagreement with a vampire" (OP20). Minsk is the capital of Belarus, a nation that was formerly part of the Soviet Union. The fact that Hagrid and Madame Maxime passed through Minsk means that the mountains they were visiting were very likely in Russia, and that they travelled - mostly as Muggles - across the entire length of Europe.

Mnemosyne Clinic for Memory Modification Buildings Merchant

Location Unknown

With the slogan, "Helping witches and wizards find their marbles since 1426," the Mnemosyne Clinic advertises in the Daily Prophet that they perform charms to help fix up faulty memories. No word on whether they help you forget things you'd rather not remember, or - alas - on their location, though Diagon Alley is probably a fairly safe assumption.

See Mnemosyne entry for information about the name.

Modesty Rabnott Golden Snidget Reservation Magical Creatures

Somerset - England - United Kingdom

Established in the fourteenth century in Somerset to protect a dwindling population of Golden Snidgets (dwindling because they were being hunted for sport as well as killed in Quidditch matches), the Reservation was named for Modesty Rabnott, who famously saved a Snidget from a Quidditch match in 1269 (QA4).



WEB LINKMongolia is mentioned in QA8 as a country where flying carpets are the norm and Quidditch is treated largely with "some suspicion." Also, when Snape took over Defence Against the Dark Arts for Lupin during Harry's third year, he ruffled through papers and criticized a student for an incorrect answer, saying that "the kappa is more commonly found in Mongolia" (PA9). Though as it turns out, he was wrong - kappas are Japanese, which Harry and Ron were more than happy to point out in the margins of Harry's copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (FB).

Montrose Broomsticks

Scotland - United Kingdom

Montrose is a small port town with about 10,000 residents found on the eastern shores of Scotland, between Aberdeen and Dundee. More importantly, however, it is home of the Montrose Magpies, the most successful team in the history of the British and Irish Quidditch League. It was also the origin of Guthrie Lochrin's now-famous broom flight to Arbroath in 1107, which gave him "splinter-filled buttocks and bulging piles" (QA1).

Moody House Buildings

Location Unknown

Though we don't know where Mad-Eye-Moody lives, we do know that on August 30, 1994, he was ambushed at home by Barty Crouch, Jr., Stunned, then put under the Imperius Curse (GF35). The only part of Moody's house that seemed to be damaged in the encounter were his rubbish bins, which spewed trash all over the street, prompting the Muggle policemen to show up. Arthur Weasley and Amos Diggory smoothed it over for him at the Ministry, not knowing that Moody had actually been attacked (GF11).

moors Quidditch History

United Kingdom

A moor is a broad tract of open land, often high but poorly drained, with patches of heath and peat bogs. Of the heather moorland in the United Kingdom, most of it lies in North Yorkshire, Wales, Cumbria, and Dartmoor (with some moorlands in the far West Country in the county of Cornwall). Godric Gryffindor hailed from "wild moor" according to the Sorting Hat, and could accordingly have been from the any of these regions (GF12).

See also Professional Quidditch Stadiums of Britain.

For further information about moors, see: WEB LINK

Moose Jaw Quidditch

Saskatchewan - Canada - North America

Home of the Moose Jaw Meteorites, one of the most accomplished Quidditch teams in the modern world, and famous for flying around with sparks flying from their brooms after a victory. Moose Jaw is a relatively small town in southern Saskatchewan (south-central Canada), but is fairly well known due to its unusual name (QA8).


United Kingdom

A town that was once the home of the Dumbledore family, and where Ariana Dumbledore was tortured by Muggle children. After her father Percival retaliated and was arrested, the family moved instead to Godric's Hollow. Mould-on-the-Wold's location is uncertain, but it is home to a number of wizarding families (DH11).

Mount Etna Creatures Famous Wizard Cards

Sicily - Italy - Europe

The cyclops, according to legend, lived in a cave in the foothills of Mount Etna (fw). Etna is an active volcano, the largest in Europe, and is located in eastern Sicily.


United Kingdom

Some of the many places that Harry, Ron, and Hermione camp while searching for Horcruxes are "gorse-covered mountainsides" (DH15), including one where they were pounded all night by sleet (DH16).

Moutohora Quidditch

New Zealand

Moutohora is home of the Moutohora Macaws, New Zealand's most famous professional Quidditch team (QA8). Though there is no Moutohora in New Zealand, there is a Motuhora - a tiny island off the coast of Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty in Northern New Zealand. Over the past century have been several failed money-making attempts based off the island; today the entire island is a wildlife refuge with restricted access (though apparently wizards still live there anyway!)

Location: Map of Oceanic Quidditch Teams

Muggle places Muggles

Nearly all of the locations in the books exist in the Muggle world as well, so how is a 'Muggle place' defined? The places below are locations that are mentioned as Muggle places in the books, and that have little or no importance to the wizarding world (so they are decidedly not wizarding places). These especially include places that Harry knew of before he found out he was a wizard, in the first few chapters of PS.



Muggle Schools

Muggle Shops

Other Muggle places

Muriel's house

United Kingdom

Though Auntie Muriel may be old and cranky, she does offer (or perhaps allow) her house to be used as a safe home for the Order of the Phoenix. Ron and Tonks fly here from Privet Drive, for example (DH5), and once the Weasleys are outed as traitors, most of the family hides there as well (DH24).

Museum of Quidditch Buildings Quidditch Broomsticks

London - England - United Kingdom

Though we don't know its exact location, the Museum of Quidditch is located in London and features among its exhibits:

There might be Museums of Quidditch in other countries as well, for though the sport originated in Britain, it is of course now popular worldwide. The museum in London, however, is the only one for which we have direct evidence.

Mykonos Magical Creatures

Greece - Europe

Mykonos is a small island off the southeast coast of Greece, in the Aegean Sea. It was at one point home to the Chimaera (Dai Llewellyn was eaten by one while on holiday in Mykonos - FB), though today it is a popular upscale resort island, making it unlikely that any of the beasts continue to thrive there.

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