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Nettlebed Herbology

Oxfordshire - England - United Kingdom

Nettlebed is a small town in Oxfordshire, in central England.  It is the home of Mrs. Georgina Smythe, a witch who writes in to 'Toots, Shoots, 'n' Roots,' a herbology radio show that played on

New Zealand Quidditch Magical Creatures

New Zealand
South Pacific

Famous for its beautiful rolling hillsides as well as its enormous population of sheep, WEB LINKNew Zealand is an island group located in the southern Pacific Ocean and, along with Australia, part of the Antipodes. The Antipodean Opaleye dragon is native to New Zealand (FB).

Quidditch is also popular here, thanks to a seventeenth-century visit by English wizards, who came to study magical plants but played the sport in their free time. Today's New Zealand Quidditch teams, including the Moutohora Macaws, play in the Australian Quidditch League (QA8).

Moutohora and Wellington are also located in New Zealand.

newsagent's Building Merchant Muggles

Vauxhall Road - London - England - United Kingdom

This newsstand in Vauxhall Road is where Tom Marvolo Riddle bought his diary (CS13).  In the Scholastic (U.S.) editions of the book, it is referred to as a "variety store."

Norfolk Quidditch

England - United Kingdom

Norfolk is a seaside county in east-central England and is full of fens, which makes it a possible home for Salazar Slytherin. It was the home of Cyprian Youdle, a Quidditch referee who was killed during a match in 1357 due to a curse from the crowd - the most recent such death on record (QA6).

Cormac McLaggen went nogtail hunting in Norfolk with his Uncle Tiberius, Bertie Higgs, and Rufus Scrimgeour (HBP7).

When Ron and Harry flew Arthur Weasley's car to Hogwarts, they were spotted over Norfolk by a Muggle, Mrs. Hetty Bayliss (CS5) - interesting since Norfolk is not particularly close to the path from London to Hogwarts.

North America

North Sea Magical Creatures

The North Sea is found between the northeastern shores of Britain and the southwestern shores of Scandinavia. In its murky depths lives the Lobalug, probably along with Merpeople. Azkaban fortress is located on an island in the middle of the North Sea as well (HBP1).

North St. Muggles

Crawford - Brookshire - England - United Kingdom

At number 32a, North St. is home to eight-year-old Stuart Jones, a fan of J.K. Rowling who writes to her on the FAQ - Other Stuff portion of her website.  The street, like the town of Crawford and Stuart himself, is fictional.

Northern Ireland

United Kingdom

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, and should not be confused with Ireland, which is a completely separate country. Ballycastle is located in Northern Ireland.

Location: Map of Wizarding Britain

Norway Quidditch Magical Creatures

Fjords of Norway

A beautiful Scandinavian country famous for its fjords, WEB LINKNorway is home to the Norwegian Ridgeback dragon (FB) and is a country where Quidditch is quite popular (QA8).

Mention of Quidditch reached Norway as early as the twelfth century, when Olaf received a letter describing it - a letter which is now on display in the Norwegian Ministry of Magic (QA3). And the sport was certainly popular by the early 1400s, when Norwegian poet Ingolfr the Iambic wrote a verse about the sport (QA8).

Karasjok is also located in Norway.

Location: Map of Dragons of the World


Nottinghamshire - England - United Kingdom

A goblin family was killed by Voldemort during his first reign of terror over the wizarding world (OP5). The city itself lies in the very heart of England, and is of course the home of the legend of Robin Hood.

Nottinghamshire Quidditch

England - United Kingdom

Nottinghamshire is a north-central English county and the home of Kennilworthy Whisp, the author of Quidditch Through the Ages (QA). It is also unsurprisingly the location of Nottingham.

number two, Laburnum Gardens Building

Clapham - London - England - United Kingdom

We know from the Daily Prophet's report of his arrest that number two, Laburnum Gardens in Clapham is the home of Sturgis Podmore (OP14).

number two, Magnolia Crescent Building Muggles

Little Whinging - Surrey - England - United Kingdom

Across from the alley to Wisteria Walk, this house was illuminated when Harry lit his wand to see Sirius (in dog form) in the summer of 1993. It has a garage door and "pebble-dashed walls" (PA3).

Location: Map of Little Whinging

number four, Privet Drive Building Muggles Witches & Wizards

Little Whinging - Surrey - England - United Kingdom

Home to Vernon and Petunia Dursley, their son Dudley, and (until 1997) Harry Potter (more...)

Location: Map of Little Whinging;
More: Aerial View of number four; floorplan of number four

number six, Wisteria Walk Building Muggles

Little Whinging - Surrey - England - United Kingdom

This is the home of twelve-year-old Lisa Smith, a fictitious Muggle fan of J.K. Rowling who writes to her on the FAQ - Other Stuff portion of her website. Lisa is a lucky girl - she not only lives on the same street as Mrs. Figg, but lived just a couple of blocks away from Harry Potter as well. Then again, maybe she's not so lucky - after all, now that Harry's moved out, all that's left is the Dursleys.

number seven, Privet Drive Building Muggles

Little Whinging - Surrey - England - United Kingdom

Presumably located across the street from the Dursleys' house, number seven, Privet Drive is home of a woman who Petunia enjoys spying on, and who Harry refers to as "Mrs. Number Seven" (OP1).

Location: Map of Little Whinging

number ten, Downing Street Building Muggles

London - England - United Kingdom

Ten Downing Street in London is the official home and office of the British Prime Minister - and therefore the setting of the entire first chapter of HBP.

number eleven, Grimmauld Place Building Muggles

London - England - United Kingdom

On a block full of broken windows and rubbish, number eleven (neighbor to number twelve) is a Muggle household whose occupants have no idea that their neighbors even exist, much less that they are the members of the Order of the Phoenix. When Harry first saw this house, it had a stereo thudding in an upstairs room and a pile of "bulging bin-bags" outside its front gate (OP3).

Location: Map of Wizarding London; Map of Kings Cross and Location of Grimmauld Place

number twelve, Grimmauld Place Building History Witches & Wizards

London - England - United Kingdom

Formerly home to the Black family, number twelve, Grimmauld Place is now owned by Harry Potter (more...)

Location: Map of Wizarding London; Map of Kings Cross and Location of Grimmauld Place

number thirteen, Grimmauld Place Building Muggles

London - England - United Kingdom

Neighbor to number twelve, the occupants of number thirteen, Grimmauld Place are Muggles who have no idea about the goings on at the house next door - even when, in order to appear, it shoves their house out of the way (OP4).

Location: Map of Wizarding London; Map of Kings Cross and Location of Grimmauld Place

number seventeen, Lanes End Building Muggles

Millburn - Dorset - England - United Kingdom

This Muggle dwelling is home to eight-year-old Stuart Jones, a fan of J.K. Rowling who writes to her on the FAQ - Other Stuff section of her website.  Though Dorset is a real county in southern England, this location is fictitious.

number eighteen, Acanthia Way Building

Little Norton - United Kingdom

Number eighteen, Acanthia Way is home to Doris Purkiss, a witch who, when interviewed by The Quibbler, said she thought Sirius Black was the same person as Stubby Boardman (OP10).

number 25, Wildbrook Crescent Building Muggles

Lowercroft - Scotland - United Kingdom

Nicola Wells, a fifteen-year-old Muggle and Harry Potter fan, wrote to Jo Rowling from here, and her note is now posted on the FAQ - About Me section of Jo's website. Unfortunately Nicola, and Wildbrook Crescent, don't actually exist. Of the four letters posted in Jo's FAQ, this is the only one that comes from outside England.

number 32a, North Street Building Muggles

Crawford - Brookshire - England - United Kingdom

In the FAQ Poll section of is a made-up note from Robert Wood, a Muggle child who lives at this address in the town of Crawford.

Nurmengard Building Witches & Wizards


A towering, "jet-black" wizarding prison built by Gellert Grindelwald to hold his enemies, Nurmengard is a forbidding place (DH18, DH23). Carved over the entrance is Grindelwald's grim mantra: "For the Greater Good" (DH18). And when Grindelwald was defeated by Albus Dumbledore in 1945, he himself was placed in the topmost cell of the tower, held captive for over fifty years (DH18, DH24) where he eventually began to show some remorse (DH35). Finally, in 1998, Voldemort sought Grindelwald out here, looking for information on the Elder Wand, and killed him (DH23).

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