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Atlas & Gazetteer Updated for Deathly Hallows

Gazetteer of the Wizarding World


Pacific Ocean Magical Creatures

The WEB LINKPacific Ocean, the largest ocean in the world, is one of the natural habitats of the sea serpent (FB).

Paddington Station Building Muggles

London - England - United Kingdom

Though the Hogwarts Express always travels out of King's Cross Station in London, Paddington Station - another major rail hub for the city - is also mentioned once in the books: on Harry's eleventh birthday, after touring Diagon Alley, Hagrid took Harry here so he could catch a train back to Little Whinging. Before Harry's train departed, the two ate at a hamburger restaurant in the station (PS5).

Location: Map of Wizarding London

Painswick Music Famous Wizard Cards

Gloucestershire - England - United Kingdom

Found in the southwestern region of England, Painswick is a small, historic English village. A crowd of 300 gathered here in 1836, though, to watch Xavier Rastrick tap-dance - a performance made famous when he vanished in the middle of it and was never seen or heard from again (fw).



Sandwiched along the Indian Ocean between Iran, Afghanistan, and India, WEB LINKPakistan is a densely populated, largely Muslim country with both mountains and hundreds of miles of coastline. It is one of several countries in this region of the world that prefer flying carpets to brooms, and so where Quidditch is less popular than in the rest of the wizarding world (QA8).


Scotland - United Kingdom

A witch in Paisley wrote to Harry shortly after his interview with The Quibbler, announcing Voldemort's return - in fact, this long letter was the first one Harry received that said its author believed him (OP26). With about 70,000 residents, Paisley is one of the largest towns in Scotland, located just southwest of Glasgow.

paper shop Building Merchant Muggles

Ottery St. Catchpole - Devon - England - United Kingdom

Located in the village near the Burrow (presumably Ottery St. Catchpole), the paper shop is a Muggle shop that Fred and George enjoy visiting, because there's a pretty Muggle girl who works there who enjoys Fred's card tricks (HBP16).

Papua New Guinea Magical Creatures

Pacific Ocean

WEB LINKPapua New Guinea, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean just north of Australia, is one of many places home to the Lethifold. We know this thanks to a rare written account from a Lethifold victim, Flavius Belby, who was attacked by one while on holiday in Papua New Guinea in 1782 (FB).


Eiffel Tower, Paris
France - Europe

Despite being one of the largest and most famous cities in the world, Paris is rarely mentioned as a part of the wizarding world, though presumably it is as significant for French wizards as London is for their British counterparts. We do know, however, that Gladrags Wizardwear has a location in Paris (along with London and Hogsmeade) (GF8).

The real-life Nicolas Flamel also lived in Paris - and in an early, handwritten version of PS, Rowling mentioned that Flamel was spotted at the opera in Paris in 1762 - though this line never made it into the final book (JKR).

Patonga Quidditch

Uganda - Africa

Home to the Patonga Proudsticks, a Quidditch team on the rise in world competition (QA8), Patonga (or Patongo) is a small town in Uganda.

Location: Map of African Quidditch Teams

Peebles Muggles

Scotland - United Kingdom

A small town in southeastern Scotland, Peebles was one of the places Harry and Ron flew over in the Ford Anglia on their way to Hogwarts. We know this because Angus Fleet, a Muggle who lived in Peebles, was reported in the Daily Prophet as having spotted the car (CS5).

Peru Quidditch Magical Creatures

Machu Picchu, Peru
South America

WEB LINKPeru is the most Quidditch-crazed country in South America, and even has an internationally acclaimed team in Tarapoto, though its national team was flattened by that of Ireland in the World Cup semifinals in 1994 (GF5).

Peru is also the natural habitat of the Peruvian Vipertooth dragon (FB), and the country from which Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes imports Instant Darkness Powder (HBP6).

Location: Map of Dragons of the World

Platform 9 3/4 History

Platform 9 3/4 (PS/f)
Kings Cross Station - London - England - United Kingdom

A hidden platform in King's Cross Station in London and home of the Hogwarts Express (more...)

Location: Map of Platform 9 3/4

playgrounds Muggles

There is a playground in Little Whinging, where Dudley and his friends like to break the swings and where Harry spent a lot of time sitting and thinking the summer after he watched Voldemort's return and the murder of Cedric Diggory (OP1). There is also a playground near Spinner's End, or at least there was in the mid-1960s, when Lily and Petunia Evans played on the swings, with Lily soaring high into the air as she jumped off, and Severus Snape watched in the background (DH33).

Poland Quidditch

Lake Masurian, Poland

A large country just east of Germany in Europe, WEB LINKPoland was the home of Josef Wronski, the most famous Seeker in Quidditch history. His local team was also based out of Poland, in the town of Grodzisk (QA8).

Location: Map of European Quidditch Teams

police station Building Muggles

Great Hangleton - England - United Kingdom

Though located in Great Hangleton, this 'dark and dingy' police station also serves Little Hangleton, and was the place Frank Bryce was taken for questioning after the Riddles were found dead. Frank was later released, of course, when the coroner could find no cause of death for the family members (GF1).

Portree Quidditch

Scotland - United Kingdom

Portree is a small harbor town on the Isle of Skye, one of the Inner Hebrides islands off the northwest coast of Scotland. It is also the home of the Pride of Portree, a member of the British and Irish Quidditch League (QA7).

Portsmouth Brooms

Hampshire - England - United Kingdom

A fairly large city and naval port town on England's southern coast, Portsmouth was also the home of Elias Grimstone, who in 1879 made the first Oakshaft 79 broomstick (QA9).

Portugal Magical Creatures


A small country in southwest Europe bordered only by Spain, WEB LINKPortugal is home to the Portuguese Long-Snout dragon. Though not mentioned in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a sketch of the Portuguese Long-Snout can be found in the pages of Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit, the pages of which are sketched in a hidden page on Rowling's website. Drawn along with the Catalonian Fireball, the Long-Snout brings the total number of known dragon species to twelve.

post office Building Merchant Muggles

We have run into a number of post offices, both wizarding and Muggle:

post office tower Building Muggles

Post Office Tower, London
London - England - United Kingdom

Now known as the London Telecom Tower, the post office tower is a somewhat bizarre-looking structure in London that Harry and Ron once flew over in the flying Ford Anglia (CS5). They were spotted by passing Muggles, according to the report later published in the Evening Prophet. [Photo courtesy WEB]

Potter cottage Building History Witches & Wizards

Godric's Hollow - England - United Kingdom

Found in Godric's Hollow and once home to James, Lily, and Harry Potter, this cottage was destroyed in 1981 when Voldemort, after killing James and Lily, attempted to kill Harry as well and his Killing Curse rebounded, destroying his body and blasting off the corner of the building. Today the building still stands in the same condition, as a monument to Harry's triumph over Voldemort (DH17).

prisons Building

We know of at least two wizarding prisons: Azkaban, where the Ministry of Magic keeps its outlaws, and Nurmengard, which was built by Gellert Grindelwald to hold his enemies during his rise to power.

private hospital Building Muggles

London - England - United Kingdom

Though its location is unknown, this private hospital is where the Dursleys took Dudley to have his tail removed. We do know that the hospital was in London, because this was the excuse Vernon gave for being willing to take Harry to King's Cross Station to begin his first year at Hogwarts (PS6).

Privet Drive Muggles Witches & Wizards

Privet Drive (PS/f)
Little Whinging - Surrey - England - United Kingdom
"...full of large, square houses with perfectly manicured lawns, all owned by large, square owners who drove very clean cars..." (OP1).

A street in Little Whinging, Privet Drive is a "perfectly ordinary" Muggle street with boring, boxy houses. It is also, at number four home to the Dursley family, as well as - for many years, at least - Harry Potter (PS2). Their neighbors at number seven are also briefly mentioned (OP1).

Location: Map of Little Whinging

pubs Building Merchant Muggles

We know of a number of pubs in the wizarding world:

Pudding Lane Muggles Magical Creatures History

London - England - United Kingdom

The Great Fire of London in 1666 started on this street, though there is some debate whether it began in a bakery or the basement of a neighboring house, where legend holds a young dragon was being kept (JKR).

Puddlemere Quidditch

United Kingdom / Ireland

The Puddlemere United, Dumbledore's favorite Quidditch team, calls this town home (QA7). Curiously, there is no town named Puddlemere in Muggle Britain, although there is Puddletown. On the theory that "United" might mean there was a pair of similarly-named towns, SVA even looked for Big/Great & Little, East & West, North & South, Upper & Lower, and Inner & Outer. Nada. Pateley Moor in North Yorkshire was the next closest match.

None of the other teams in the British and Irish Quidditch League are in the southeast; no Hastings, or Ramsgate, or Ipswich . . . maybe Puddlemere is the southeastern team. (Maybe it's a regional coalition. What are the county names or nicknames? I also thought of the Lake District, in the NW. - SVA)

Pumpkins R Us Building Merchant Herbology

Location Unknown

Though no location is given, Pumpkins R Us is mentioned in one of Rowling's Daily Prophet newsletters - in an article on Ministry laws cracking down on Hallowe'en celebrations, Dagbert Pips, the proprietor of Pumpkins R Us, was interviewed. Since the interview was in the Daily Prophet, the store is almost certainly in Britain and likely in Diagon Alley, though we have no way of knowing for sure.

Purge and Dowse, Ltd. Building Merchant Muggles Medical Magic

London - England - United Kingdom

An old abandoned department store in Muggle London, Purge and Dowse, Ltd. is actually a false front that prevents Muggles from seeing St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries (OP22). As with many of the places in London, its exact location is unknown, though we have a pretty good guess.

Location: Map of Wizarding London

pyramids Building History

Pyramids, Egypt
Egypt - Africa

The famous pyramids in Egypt were protected largely by spells cast by ancient wizards - the Weasley family toured some of them when they visited the country in the summer of 1994, where they saw, among other things, mutant skeletons of Muggles who had broken in and "grown extra heads and stuff," according to Ron (PA1). Fred and George also tried to shut Percy in a pyramid, but unfortunately for them were spotted by Mrs. Weasley (PA4).

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