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Gazetteer of the Wizarding World


Tarapoto Quidditch

Peru - South America

A small, South American city perched on the edge of the Amazon rainforest in Peru, this "city of palms" is the home of South America's most famous Quidditch team, the Tarapoto Tree-Skimmers (QA8).

Tchamba Quidditch

Togo - Africa

A small city in central Togo, Tchamba is home to the Tchamba Charmers, a Quidditch team known for being "masters of the reverse pass" (QA8).

Location: Map of African Quidditch Teams

Terrortours Building Merchant

Diagon Alley - London - England - United Kingdom

Located at 59 Diagon Alley, Terrortours plans "action holidays for the wizard family with a sense of adventure!" (more...)

Three Broomsticks, the Building Merchant History

Hogsmeade - Scotland - United Kingdom

A well-known inn in Hogsmeade and a frequent haunt of Hogwarts students (more...)

Location: Map of Hogsmeade

Thundelarra Quidditch


In Thundelarra, a small station in the wilderness of the Australian Outback, it is easy to imagine space for a Quidditch stadium - and so the Thundelarra Thunderers, who dominated the Australian Quidditch League for much of the twentieth century, call this region their home (QA8).

Location: Map of Australian Quidditch Teams

Tibet Magical Creatures

Tibet - Himalayas

Tibet is a region of southwestern China famous for its beautiful, high mountains and for the spiritual lives and offerings of many of its people.  It is also famous in both the Muggle world and wizarding world for its Yeti - along with the Loch Ness Monster, one of the worst-kept secrets of wizards. Sightings are in fact so common that the International Confederation of Wizards has a permanent task force stationed in the mountains to deal with the Muggles who cross the Yeti's path (FB).

Tinworth History Witches & Wizards

Cornwall - England - United Kingdom

Though a Muggle village, Tinworth has been a place where wizarding families have congregated for hundreds of years, much like Godric's Hollow and Ottery St. Catchpole (DH16). Among the town's current wizarding residents are Bill and Fleur Weasley, whose Shell Cottage home is on the outskirts of Tinworth (DH23).

Tonks houseBuilding Witches & Wizards

United Kingdom

The home of Ted and Andromeda Black Tonks, this house was the safe location to which Harry and Hagrid flew while moving Harry permanently out of number four, Privet Drive, crashing into the back garden (DH4. The house's protective charms were apparently enough to keep out even Voldemort. We don't know how long the Tonks family lived here; it's possible that this was the house in which Nymphadora Tonks was raised, and equally possible that, after Ted and then Nymphadora were killed, it is the house in which Andromeda raised her grandson, Teddy Lupin (BLC).


Devon - England - United Kingdom

A suburb of Exeter in Devon, England, Topsham is a coastal town that is over seven hundred years old. It is also the home of Madam Z. Nettles, a witch who used Kwikspell to improve her magical abilities. Her statement is part of the Kwikspell literature that Harry once read in Filch's office (CS8).

Tottenham Court Road Muggles

London - England - United Kingdom

When Bill and Fleur's wedding was interrupted by Death Eaters, Hermione grabbed Harry and Ron as fast as she could and Apparated with them to the first Muggle place she thought of - Tottenham Court Road, in London. There they try to hide briefly in a Muggle cafe, though they are soon tracked there by Death Eaters and forced to leave for Grimmauld Place instead (DH9).

Tottenham Court Road is an interesting choice on Hermione's part, and possibly an insightful one. The street is not particularly famous or noteworthy, but it does intersect with Charing Cross Road, and in fact the Tottenham Court Road underground station is one of a couple stations that perfectly fit the description of the station Harry and Hagrid use to get to the Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley (PS5). It might make sense that this was how Hermione and her parents reached the Leaky Cauldron as well, being Muggles - and therefore provide a reason for why Tottenham Court Road might be in her head.

Toyohashi Quidditch

Japan - Asia

The most successful Japanese Quidditch team is based in Toyohashi - the Toyohashi Tengu. From an international perspective, this team is rather unusual in that it ceremonially sets fire to its brooms following each defeat (QA8). The city of Toyohashi, located on Japan's southern Pacific coast, is thousands of years old but known today for a city filled with parks and its desire to have industry and commerce coexist along with nature.

Location: Map of Asian Quidditch Teams

Transylvania Quidditch Magical Creatures History

Romania - Europe

Though once a sovereign nation in its own right, Transylvania became part of Romania after World War I and has remained so ever since. It is of course also known for being the setting of WEB LINK - Bram Stoker's Dracula, giving it a stereotyped association with vampires and bats. As a result, Terrortours advertises in the Daily Prophet that they rent out castles here.

The Quidditch team from Transylvania played Flanders in the first ever Quidditch World Cup final in 1473, a match famous for a wide array of fouls that included the Transylvanian captain releasing a hundred blood-sucking vampire bats onto the field (QA8); over five hundred years later the national team flattened England in a slightly more fairly contested match (GF5).

As of Christmas 1994, Transylvania was to sign an International Ban on Duelling (GF23).

Location: Map of European Quidditch Teams

Turkey Quidditch


Bridging the border between southeastern Europe and the Middle East, WEB LINKTurkey (and the former Ottoman Empire) has found itself literally and figuratively caught in the middle of a number of large events throughout history, though the country as it currently stands has existed for less than a century.

Turkey's national Quidditch team was defeated by England in a match in the early 1980s, thanks in part to a splendid performance by Ludo Bagman. We know this because, when Harry visited Bagman's trial for Death Eater activity in the Pensieve, Ludo was congratulated on his "splendid performance" by one of the witches in the Wizengamot (GF30).

Tutshill Quidditch

Wales - United Kingdom

Home of the Tutshill Tornados, a member of the British and Irish Quidditch League with a long history of success (QA7). Tutshill itself is a town in southeastern Wales, east of Newport.

See also the Muggle Encyclopedia entry for Tutshill.

Twilfit & Tattings Building Merchant

Diagon/Knockturn Alley (?) - London - England - United Kingdom

Probably in Diagon Alley or Knockturn Alley, a shop visited by Narcissa and Draco Malfoy after Harry, Ron, and Hermione encountered them in Madam Malkin's (more...).

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