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Gazetteer of the Wizarding World


Wagga Wagga Magical Creatures


One of the many exploits Gilderoy Lockhart claimed to have performed was to have defeated the Wagga Wagga Werewolf (CS10). Wagga Wagga is an inland city in Australia that traces its history back to the country's first English settlers.

Wales Quidditch Magical Creatures

United Kingdom

Wales is part of the United Kingdom. The Welsh National Quidditch team was defeated by Uganda in 1994 (GF5). The Common Welsh Green dragon is also native to Wales. (FB).

Locations in Wales:

Location: Map of Wizarding Britain; Map of Dragons of the World

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Building Merchant Witches & Wizards

Diagon Alley - London - England - United Kingdom

Found at number 93, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes is the most colorful storefront in Diagon Alley (more...)


New Zealand Quidditch

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, as well as the seat of the New Zealand Ministry of Magic. Quidditch here dates back to the seventeenth century, and as a result there is Maori art from the period depicting white wizards on brooms. Those pieces of art the Ministry has obtained are on display in its headquarters in Wellington (QA8).

West Country

England - United Kingdom

A largely rural region of southwestern England, the West Country is referred to in England as "the South" or "the Midwest" might be in the United States. (It includes Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset, according to the NSOED). It was here that the Death Eaters, with the help of at least one giant, caused widespread destruction while attacking Muggles in the summer of 1996. This was one of the things that caused wizarding sentiment to turn against Cornelius Fudge, eventually sacking him as Minister for Magic (HBP1).

West Ham Muggles

London - England - United Kingdom

West Ham is a region of eastern London which lends its name to the West Ham United F.C., a Muggle football club that is a favorite of Dean Thomas, who was Muggle-born. Every year Dean pins a poster of the club up over his bed in the dormitory, though Ron thinks he's mental for doing so because the players in the poster don't move (PS9).

See also the Muggle Encyclopedia entry for Troy.

WhizzHard Books

Diagon Alley - London - England - United Kingdom

With offices at 129B Diagon Alley, WhizzHard Books is the publisher of Quidditch Through the Ages (more...).

Wigtown Quidditch

Scotland - United Kingdom

At the extreme southwestern tip of Scotland (on the shores of Wigtown Bay), Wigtown is home to the Wigtown Wanderers - a member of the British & Irish Quidditch League. Kennilworthy Whisp wrote about the team in Wonder of Wigtown Wanderers (QA).

Wildbrook Crescent Muggles

Lowercroft - Scotland - United Kingdom

A street in Lowercroft, Scotland, Wildbrook Crescent is - at number 25 - home to fifteen-year-old Nicola Wells. Nicola is a fictitious Muggle reader who writes to J.K. Rowling on the FAQ - About Me section of her website.  Wildbrook Crescent is, of course, fictitious as well.

Wiltshire Witches & Wizards

England - United Kingdom

Wiltshire, a county in south-central Britain west of London, is the starting point of the West Country - and the location of the Malfoy mansion (OP15).

Wiltshire includes the Avebury Stone Circle, Salisbury Plain, and Stonehenge, as well as nine white chalk horses carved into hillsides.


England - United Kingdom

A southwestern suburb of London, Wimbledon is of course famous for hosting the annual Wimbledon tennis championships. Far more importantly, however, it was also one of the sites of Willy Widdershins's exploding toilet gags that Arthur Weasley investigated for the Ministry of Magic (OP7).

Wimbourne Quidditch

Dorset - England - United Kingdom

Though Wimbourne does not exist in modern Britain, there is a Wimborne Minster - a small town on the southern coast of England. This, then, is the probable home of the Wimbourne Wasps, a member of the British & Irish Quidditch League (QA7).

See also the Muggle Encyclopedia entry for Wimborne Minster.

Wisteria Walk Muggles

Little Whinging - Surrey - England - United Kingdom

A street in Little Whinging, intersecting Privet Drive. We also know that Mrs. Figg lives on Wisteria Walk, with her cats and kneazles (OP1). The rest of the street, of course, is inhabited with Muggles - including, at number six, twelve-year-old Lisa Smith.

Location: Map of Little Whinging

Woodcroft Famous Wizard Cards

Gloucestershire - England - United Kingdom

Funnily enough, the hometown of Hengist of Woodcroft (fw11). Woodcroft is a tiny village located in Gloucestershire, England.

Woollongong Quidditch


Home of the Woollongong Warriors (QA8), Wollongong is a city on the eastern coast of Australia, south of Sydney. (Note: the spelling of the actual place name is different from the canon name.)

Location: Map of Australian Quidditch Teams

Worcestershire Magical Creatures

England - United Kingdom

Worcestershire is a county in western England, and formerly the location of a monastery of Franciscan friars, one of whom saw a Jarvey in the middle ages in the monastery's herbe garden (FB). Upon research, there seems to have been only one such monastery in Worcestershire at the time, so that must be the one where this happened.

Wye River Magical Creatures Famous Wizard Cards

England & Wales - United Kingdom

A troll terrorized those hoping to cross this river, until it was killed by Almerick Sawbridge in the 1600s (fw). The Wye River is in western England, and in fact forms part of the border between England and Wales.

See also the Muggle Encyclopedia entry for the Wye River.

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