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Happy New Year! essay: In Search of . . . the Hut-on-The-Rock

. . . and here’s another essay by Ravenclaw Rambler, this one going In Search of . . . the Hut-on-The-Rock. Enjoy! 

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7 Responses to Happy New Year! essay: In Search of . . . the Hut-on-The-Rock

  1. daveindetroit says:

    A superb analysis, Ravenclaw Rambler. I am truly impressed. Especially as you incorporate the possibility that the structure , while there (on the rock), was present in 1991 considering it’s condition Then, might no longer be there Now. Hope to read more from you soon. Happy New Year everyone.

  2. Moony says:

    Karkarov died in a hut (hbp6). Could it be the same hut where Harry was in ps?

  3. TimS says:

    I was struck by this line: “I’m not enough of an anorak to have a copy of the 1991 timetable, ….”

    Eh?” I thought an anorak was what we on this (Western) side of the Pond call a parka, a hooded pullover.

    I strongly suspect that Ravenclaw Rambler has put a lot more thought into this than JKR did!

  4. ravenclaw rambler says:

    Sorry – I have tried to make my essays comprehensible on both sides of the pond, but obviously this piece of slang didn’t travel
    “Anorak” is indeed a waterproof hooded jacket over here too, but the term has acquired a secondary meaning. Anoraks are highly unfashionable, but are a practical garment for someone who spends a lot of time out of doors collecting useless data, such as birdwatchers (twitchers) or, particularly, trainspotters. The name “anorak” has therefore become a derogatory term for anyone with an obsessive interest in an obscure subject.
    See,5753,-19185,00.html for a longer discussion of the term

  5. TimS says:

    Thanks Rambler! Makes sense when you explain it that way.

  6. Cricket says:

    Further speculation: Could that also be near where Harry and Dumbledore found the fake Horcrux?

  7. jensenly says:

    WOW – great essay. You really know your stuff! It’s fun for an LA gal to hear all about the British coastline.

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