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The Definitive Directory of Magical Items and Devices

fake wands
See wands, fake.

See Firebolt entry for brooms.


Floo powder
This silvery powder, invented in the 1200s by Ignatia Wildsmith (fw23), when thrown in the fire allows magical travel and magical communication between fireplaces connected to the Floo Network. The powder is thrown into the flames, which burst up emerald green. To travel, a witch or wizard steps into the flames and states her or his destination (another fireplace on the Floo Network). To communicate, the witch or wizard throws the powder into the flames and inserts only her or his head, again stating the fireplace to which a connection is desired.

flying [item]
See [item], flying. In the case of flying vehicles, for instance:

This device looks like a mirror, but it does not reflect the scene in front of it. Instead, it shows the enemies - the foes - of its owner. The foes are shadowy, indistinct, out-of-focus figures if distant; the images become more distinct as the foes get closer (GF20).
The name of this device is a nice play on words. While a "foe" is an enemy, it is also a homonym for the French word "faux", meaning "false" - a fitting term for a looking-glass that isn't a true mirror.

Ford Anglia, flying
Ford Anglia by Mary GrandPré This turquoise automobile was bought by Arthur Weasley for the purposes of taking it apart in his shed to see how it worked - at least, that's the story he told Molly. In fact, in the process of dismantling and reassembling the car, he also bewitched it to be able to fly and installed an Invisibility Booster. He also magically expanded the inner spaces so that an enormous amount of luggage could fit in the boot and an amazing number of people could sit comfortably in its wide seats. Fred and George flew the car a number of times, once all the way to Surrey to rescue Harry from the Dursleys. Shortly thereafter Harry and Ron flew the car all the way to Hogwarts. The car barely made it that far only to crash land in the Whomping Willow, which damaged it quite severely. The car ejected Harry, Ron, and their luggage, then fled into the forbidden forest. It is still there, trundling about the forest like a wild animal (CS3, CS15).

Frisbee, Fanged
Something like a Muggle Frisbee but snarls; available in lime-green.

Frog Spawn Soap

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