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HP Tarot – 6S Knowledge


HP Tarot – 6S Knowledge

books, runes, levitation, astrology, arithmancy, air

HP Tarot – 6S Knowledge
Artist Elly Pieper
Copyright © 2008


"The 6s stabilize and order the unbridled and sometimes destructive energy of the 5s and are associated with the sun, with clarity, order and energy of life.

In the area of the swords (air and rational mind) solar energy gives clarity and knowledge. We seek for the truth, strive for harmony of mind and nature, for objectivity, understanding and intelligence. The card may signify sudden blazing insights and unconventional solutions to problems.

For the image of the card I picked six books with the publisher’s symbol of a sword to give the six swords for the card. As book topics I used magic that had to do with air, speech, ratio and the sky: runes, levitation, astrology, arithmancy and air itself."

The artist featured magic books having to do with air to adorn the front of the Knowledge tarot card. These books look like they belong in Hermione's backpack.

Image title supplied by the artist.


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