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A round red seamless leather ball, 12 inches in diameter - that is, about the size of a Muggle football - one of the four balls used in playing the game of Quidditch. The Quaffle is the ball with which Chasers score goals, and due to the nature of the game must be caught and thrown one-handed, since the player must at the same time control his or her broomstick (PS10, QA3, QA6).

Quidditch items

Members of the wizarding community use quill pens and parchment for writing rather than modern Muggle pens and paper. Various birds' feathers may be used to create such quill pens, including magical birds. In addition, specific kinds of quills may have spells placed on them (see further entries under each specific type of quill, below).

Various kinds of feathers have been mentioned as being used for quill pens in the wizarding world.

quill, anti-cheating
Students at Hogwarts are given quills charmed with Anti-Cheating spells for doing written exams (PS16).

Quill, Auto-Answer
An Auto-Answer Quill presumably automatically answers a question asked in its presence.

quill, magical (Hogwarts)
A magical quill at Hogwarts detects the birth of each magical child, then writes his or her name down in a large parchment book. Every year Professor McGonagall checks the book, then uses this information to send out owls to these children as they approach their eleventh birthdays (Sch1).

Quill, Quick-Quotes
A quill that is enchanted to be set up on a sheet of paper without human support, which when activated will write an exaggerated account of whatever is said in its presence.

Quill, Self-Inking
Presumably, a quill that inks itself without needing to be manually dipped in an inkwell.

Quill, Smart-Answer

Quill, Spell-Checking/Spell-Check
A quill that corrects the writer's spelling of words.

quill, Umbridge's detention
A long, thin black quill with an unusually sharp point, this quill does not use ink. Instead, when used to write, it magically slices into the back of the hand holding it and draws blood in place of ink. The cuts at first heal immediately, but over a long session the damage will be repaired more and more slowly, until the hand is finally left raw and bleeding.

This horrific quill is owned by Dolores Umbridge. She forced students to use it when they did lines in detention with her, to make sure that the message of the lines "makes an impression" (OP13).

A modified Quaffle used in Quodpot which explodes if it is in play too long before being placed in the "pot" of Quodpot solution which serves as a kind of goal in the game (QA8).

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