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The Definitive Directory of Magical Items and Devices

Tail-Twig Clippers
Silver clippers to trim crooked twigs from the tail of a broomstick.

Teacup, Nose-Biting
Presumably looks like an ordinary teacup until an unwary drinker attempts to use it, then bites the drinker on the nose.

teakettle, biting
Presumably looks like an ordinary teakettle until an unwary person attempts to use it, then bites the user.

tea set, enchanted
An old witch died and her tea set was sold to some Muggles. Arthur Weasley had quite a time sorting the whole thing out, because "[t]he teapot went berserk and squirted boiling tea all over the place and one man ended up in the hospital with the sugar tongs clamped to his nose." (CS3)

telescope, punching
See punching telescope entry for Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.

The magic tents the Weasleys set up in the campground at the Quidditch World Cup were much larger on the inside than the outside. They had a small kitchen and bunk beds, all the while being not much larger than small pup tents. Other folks used tents which were more or less obvious in their magical nature. Some, like the Weasleys', were pretty much Muggle tents, but others had gardens, fountains, and turrets. The tents of the Irish supporters were covered with a growth of live shamrocks (GF7).


The Time-Turner is a small silver hourglass worn on a chain around the neck. It's a very powerful and dangerous magical item which literally turns back time for the user, one hour per inversion of the glass.


See entry on the broomsticks page.

Toffee, Ton-Tongue
See Ton-Tongue Toffee entry for Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.



Triwizard Cup

Seven-Lock trunk

Trunk, Seven-Lock
The fake Moody kept various things in this magical trunk which had seven locks with seven keys. Depending on which lock you unlocked, you would see different things inside. When the first lock is opened, the trunk holds spell books. With the second lock, the trunk revealed broken Sneakoscopes, quills, and an invisibility cloak. The seventh lock reveals a pit or chamber in which Barty Crouch Jr. hid the real Moody (GF35).

Twigger 90
See entry on the broomsticks page.

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