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Encyclopedia of Spells

Reducio (re-DOO-see-oh)
reverse: Engorgio

"redusen" Middle Eng. diminish, from "reducer" Old Fr. bring back to the source, from "reducere" L. bring, lead

Causes an Engorged object to return to its normal size.

Reducto (re-DUC-toh)
"Reductor Curse"

"redusen" Middle Eng. diminish, from "reducer" Old Fr. bring back to the source, from "reducere" L. bring, lead

Blasts solid objects out of the caster's path.

Reductor Curse

Refilling Charm

incantation unknown

Causes the target container to refill itself.


"rilascio" It. - to release, to relax, to issue

Releases a jet of fiery sparks. Underwater, this spell fires a jet of boiling water.

Reluctant Reversers, A Charm To Cure

no incantation given

Broom charm.

Rennervate (REN-er-vayt)

"en-" Old French from "in-" L. cause to be + "nerves" Eng. c.1603 strength, from "nervus" L. nerve

See Edits and Changes to the Text - GF; this spell has been officially renamed by JKR from its original name. Some versions list this spell as "Enervate," which changes the etymology quite a bit. In fact, if the word was really Enervate, the Latin origins would have exactly the opposite meaning from what it meant as Ennervate.

Spell used to revive a person who has been hit by a Stunner.

Reparo (re-PAR-oh)

"Mending Charm"

"reparare" L. repair, restore

Undoes damage to an object.

History and notes (BoS3):

References from canon:

Repelling Spell


Repello (re-PEL-oh)
"Repelling Spell"

"repello" L. to repel

Spell that keeps something away from the caster or from a target object that the spell is cast upon.

Repello Muggletum (re-PEL-oh MUG-ul-tum)
"Muggle-Repelling Charm"

"repello" L. to repel + "Muggletum"

Keeps Muggles away from the target place or object.

restoring spell

no incantation used

Forces an Animagus who has transformed into animal form to revert to his or her human form. The spell's effect is a bright blue-white flash of light.

Revulsion Jinx

no incantation given

Forces the target to back off from the caster, letting go of him or her if the target is holding on to the caster. May be associated with a flash of purple light when cast.

Rictusempra (ric-tu-SEM-pra)
"Tickling Charm"

"rictus" L. gaping mouth, grin + "sempra" L. always

Causes a person to laugh uncontrollably.

Riddikulus (ri-di-KYOO-lus)
"boggart banishing spell"

"ridiculum" L. joke, from "ridere" L. to laugh

A simple charm requiring force of mind, this spell requires the caster to visualize his or her worst fear in an amusing form while reciting the incantation. When performed correctly, this forces the boggart to take on an appearance which will inspire the laughter that forms an effective defense against the creature.

room-sealing spell

no incantation given

Seals a room with a powerful charm that none but a powerful wizard could break.

ropes, magical

no incantation used in many cases, but possibly Incarcerous or similar

Sends out magical ropes from a wand which tie up someone firmly.

rowboat spell

no incantation used

Propels a rowboat along without oars.

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