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These pages are intended to provide assistance to all of you--readers, researchers, webmasters, and authors--as you use the Harry Potter Lexicon. Hopefully you will all find the help you need here. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Below you will find out more about the Harry Potter Lexicon website, about sources of Harry Potter information and whether they are canon or not, about reading the Harry Potter books themselves, about the Joanne Rowling, and about other companies and entities who produce Harry Potter merchandise and material.

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About sources of Harry Potter information

The world of Harry Potter has expanded greatly since this website came into being in 2000. Back then, three books was the sum total of Harry Potter lore. It was fairly simple to catalog things: the books were short and there were no films or merchandise to consider. Things have changed, and now we research through not only the novels but also numerous interviews, the author's extensive website, long lost and recently rediscovered writings, and many other sources to catalog the complete vision of Rowling's world. As other companies contribute films, games, and other materials to the mix, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify what is and isn't canon. Some non-canon materials are important in their own right, even if they aren't Rowling's creation, and understanding the Harry Potter universe must include some mention of these things. 

The pages listed below will help you understand what sources are considered canon among all the many sources available. The Lexicon catalogs any material which is canon (and a few things that aren't).

Please note: This is not a comprehensive list of all the Harry Potter games and other materials which are available. We include only those which could provide information to a site such as the Lexicon.

Overview of sources and a definition of canon

The books, the interviews, and all other sources which come directly from J.K. Rowling herself.
Non-canon sources

The films, games, and other sources



About reading the Harry Potter books

Harry Potter FAQ


the "wand order problem"
ages of major characters
the "missing 24 hours"
fixing the dates of the timeline

Understanding the books

Concordance - exploring ideas and concepts in the books
Puzzles, Mysteries, and Loose ends

Language helps

Pronunciations of words in the books
Sources of words in the Harry Potter books
Strictly British - glossary of British terms and phrases

Muggle Encyclopedia
"real world" people and places associated with Rowling, the films, and the books

Full text of JKR interviews and browsable summaries of JKR quotes on Accio Quote! - the newly combined content of Quick Quotes Quill and Madam Scoop's websites.


About J.K.Rowling

Biography of the author

Autobiography on author's official website

Online resources

How to contact the author

...other Potter entities

Bloomsbury - UK publisher
Scholastic - US publisher
Raincoast - Canadian publisher
Christopher Little Agency - JKR's agent
Other publishers - current list on JKR's official website
Warner Brothers UK - UK movie rights
Warner Bros US - US movie rights
Electronic Arts - video games
Hasbro - toys, games, candy
Wizards of the Coast - Trading card game (Game info now on Warner Bros.)
Mattel - toys, games (Scene It?T)
Lego - toys
Jelly Belly - candy
Other manufacturers

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