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Wizarding World.

Harry Potter
and the Deathly Hallows

by J. K. Rowling

Pre-Publication Speculation:

Before the seventh book was published, fans speculated wildly about it. At first, all speculation was drawn from the few comments Rowling had made about the book and from reasonable extrapolation of what would likely occur in the next school year. As each previous book was released, the direction of the story became more clear and speculation grew and grew. When the title was announced, much time and effort was spent by fans trying to work out what "deathly hallows" might mean. Some weeks later, the cover art was revealed and fans immediately tried to guess what each detail represented. As was the case with every previous Harry Potter book, most speculation was wrong because the images and titles refered to situations, locations, or concepts which had not been previously introduced or which had been mentioned or described very obliquely.

Here is a sampling of the speculation which the Lexicon published during the lead up to the publication of book seven on July 21, 2007:

About the title:

What we expected (before publication) about the book:

There is no university after Hogwarts and will be no further Harry Potter books.

Q: Do you think that you will write about Harry after he graduates from Hogwarts? Isn't there a University of Wizardry?
JKR: (T)here's no University for Wizards. At the moment I'm only planning to write seven Harry Potter books. I won't say "never," but I have no plans to write an eighth book (Sch1).

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