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Kwikspell For a person born into a Wizarding family who has no magical ability, life can be difficult indeed. Some of these people, called Squibs by others in the magical world, turn for help to the Kwikspell correspondence course from the Kwikspell Company (JKR-W3).

Kwikspell's course, which is billed as "A Correspondence Course in Beginners' Magic," arrives in a purple envelope with silver lettering. It is recommended by a number of satisfied customers, including Madam Z. Nettles of Topsham and Warlock D. J. Prod of Didsbury. The cover letter promises that Kwikspell is an all-new, fail-safe, quick-result, easy-learn course and that hundreds of folks have achieved great results from it. Lesson One consists of "Holding Your Wand (Some Useful Tips)."

Of course, if a person were truly and completely devoid of magical powers, no training in the world is going to teach them to do magic. The Kwikspell course is clearly aimed at those whose magical abilities are unusually low, but not completely absent (or at least, those who would like to believe that that is the case).

Filch, the caretaker, is a Squib. He sent for and received the Kwikspell course in October of 1992 (CS8).

The Kwikspell Company also produces a study course for the W.O.M.B.A.T Examination called the Wallop the Wombat Revision Course. This is recommended to those who achieve only a Poor on the Grade 3 test (JKR-W3).

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