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The Door opens! W.O.M.B.A.T. Grade 3 test


DH symbol
The door is open on JKR.com! With WOMBAT grade 3 behind it.
The Lexicon is working on our commentary as we did for the first two.
We’ll have that posted for you as soon as we can.

To open the Door and activate the WOMBAT:
1) Click on the fly that lands on the window, it will turn into a key,
2) Drag it to the lock and let go, the key will turn and the door will open.
3) Drag the ring onto the rod, it will sparkle if placed correctly.
4) Drag the triangle onto the rod and ring, it will sparkle and move to the desk.
5) Click on the WOMBAT paper to open the test.

Good Luck!
New Vista gadget
Users of VISTA will notice a new WOMBAT gadget on the desktop. We’ll have more info and screenshots for non-vista users soon!

Edit: and today, June 14th, the Daily News has been updated to announce a US tour by JKR.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Kaz

    Yay! I was really hope we’d get a WOMBAT before the release!!! I’m off to have a go! Thanks Jo!!!

  • OK, maybe I’m just being stupid – but what exactly is W.O.M.B.A.T.? What do I have to do?

  • Lisa Marie, it is a fiendish test that Jo has given twice before. This will, I believe, be the last one. Bel, Did I get it right?


  • Langenscheidt

    It doesn’t work on my computer. After I successfully arranged the ring, the rod and the triangle, everything went black and nothing happened. This was also the case with the Deathly Hallows Hang Man. I suppose this is because I don’t have the latest version of flash player, but installing the Demo version of flash player 9 didn’t help. I’m disappointed about this πŸ™
    But last time it worked!

  • Yes Lisa, you got it right πŸ™‚

    Langenscheidt, do you have a pop-up blocker turned on?

  • Oh, thanks I got it (with a little help from Leaky πŸ˜‰ ). It was great – but quite hard. Well, I guessed most of the times anyway!

  • Kez

    Hmm the fly stays a fly however many times I click on it…

  • Remi

    It doesn’t work on my computer either – everything gets dark & nothig happens after I click on the paper πŸ™

  • Arlo

    That was SO hard! I wonder how Steve did??????

  • Jenny

    The test itself, of course, was hard — I expected nothing less! But what really made me sad was the clean desk behind the door. It looks so forlorn! When she was working on the books it was always messy and “lived in.” Now it reminds me of a house when you’re moving out.

  • Langenscheidt

    Yeah, I think it might have been the pop-up blocker. I changed some of the security options and was able to download flash player 9. Then the test worked πŸ˜‰ But it was quite hard, I’m curious of your commentaries!

  • Remi

    Hey, I couldn’t get it to work when I opened Rowling’s website with Mozilla, but it worked fine if I opened it with AOL — will that help you Langenscheidt?
    Also – doesn’t this mean that the triangle, circle, line symbol on the cover’s spine is REALLY significant?

  • chris

    Is it over already? I’ve got the do not disturb sign still up and when I click on the fly it doesn’t do anything. πŸ™

  • Kez, I suspect you’ve entered the Accessibility Enabled version of the site. Try entering using one of the language choice flags (British for English).
    Chris, that’s because the DND sign is saved in your cache. Try entering the site from and alternative address, such as dot org, or dot net.

  • Myst

    Anyone have a fly swatter?

  • Starling

    Phew, that was hard. I’m sure I got some of the questions right, but I’m sure I got most of them completely wrong! I can’t wait for the Lexicon’s analysis.

  • Jinx

    That was hard. Is the list of Ministers of Magic and the years they served going to be canon? I wonder who the Minister was between 1968 to 1980?

  • KnightRider

    Is there any trick to catch the fly without a touchscreen?

  • chris

    Whew, finally got it on my other puter in IE.

  • PrincessOrual

    When do we get our results?

  • Danielle

    Does anyone know what to do with the potions next to the door? I tried pouring them in the plants, but nothing heppened.

  • Graymayne

    I took my third WOMBAT and chose to print off my number. After that my screen froze and after trying the usual freeing strategies I re-booted. My question is, did I click Submit before I was offered a chance to print my number? Will re-booting mean my paper has not been received for marking? Can anybody help?

  • OH MY! Wasn’t it difficult! I think I did kind of alright but they’re ducking points from some answers… I wanted an Oustanding this time… mhmhmh, I don’t think I’ll have it thpugh. Ok, waiting for your comments!

  • KnightRider, make sure you are not in the Accessibility Enabled version. Just click it with your mouse, and drag it.

    PrincessOrual, if this WOMBAT goes like the previous two, it will be open for a few days, then we will have to wait about 4 days for the results.

    Danielle, check out the Lexicon’s Guide to JKR.com for tips and tricks to working all the puzzles.

    Graymayne, if you got the code, then you should be all set πŸ™‚ I’m sure that your answers were recorded in order for you to get the code.

  • Did anyone else like the information about the founders? I know it’s not exactly cannon and that the questions even asked to be proven true and such, but I enjoyed it regardless. Especially the bit about Ravenclaw and the warty hog!

    And also: the UK childrenÒ€ℒs cover features Harry, Ron, and Hermione in what appears to be some sort of treasure place. There is a goblin-looking creature climbing up his back holding a weapon that greatly resembles Godric’s sword (there is also silver armor scattered about; the helmet has what appears to be a griffin on it). One of the WOMBAT questions mentions Godric stealing a Goblin-king’s sword. Anyone else see the connection? Perhaps it IS Gringotts were the Three are searching.

  • moony =luna Lupin

    Because my screenreader (Hal from Dolphin) doesn’t support flash, I can’t do the test once more. I hope I can read the Lexicon’s comments about the third test, and I hope we’ll ever get the correct answers from JKr.

  • moony =luna Lupin, I’m working on posting the questions now. It may take a day or so for us to do our commentary, but I’ll get the text up as soon as I can for you!

  • jensenly

    Can’t wait for the Lexicon analysis – you guys always have great insight.

  • SGBG

    ooo that symbol again…
    hey, do we ever find out the right answers. that would definitly increase our knowledge of the world of harry potter

  • Reader2

    The same facts seem to be used in the questions over and over again.
    Looks like this test will provide some new elements for Lexicon even if we do not find out the right answers.

  • Graymayne

    Thanks, Belinda! That’s a great load off my mind!

  • Haltiamieli

    Interesting test, once again! Now, right after the test I’d say the second one was harder, though. If that is reflected in the outcome, remains to be seen. I’ve got EE’s both previous times, suppose Outstanding is too much to hope for anyway. If I can scrape EE again, I’m happy.

    Now we just have to wait for Lexicon’s commentaries for the conversation to really begin.

  • Vivian

    I missed the first Wombat (got outstanding on the second.) Wish she’d schedule a makeup test – now that would be even more fun!

  • Kez

    Thanks Belinda. I didn’t have time earlier, but I tried it using IE instead of Firefox, and using the English rather than Accessibility Enabled version and it was fine. πŸ™‚ Not sure how I did but glad I caught at least 1 of these tests.

  • I have a question: I didn’t do the first two Wombats but am very curious what was asked and what was the correct answer. Is it anywhere in the lexicon? If so, (I can’t find it) – can somebody please post the link? (Belinda?!)

  • John

    This too was my very first W.O.M.B.A.T. test! It was very hard! Exactly what I expected, I can’t wait to see my results!!!!

  • Haltiamieli

    Lisa Marie: Jo hasn’t provided us with correct answers, but questions and commentary by Lexicon Staff can be found from http://www.hp-lexicon.org/wizworld/wombat/wombat-results.html

    Btw. The first WOMBAT test appeared last year the day I turned twenty-one, and now this last test appears today, the day one of my closest friends (and my closest Potter fan friend) turns twenty-one. Quite a coincidence? o_O

  • Jamie

    What does the symbol mean? I have been racking my brain since the cover art came out and I still don’t have a clue! I think this must be Jo’s hint that we need to be discussing this more prior to the release. Do you have any ideas? HELP!

  • Severus

    For some reason I can’t do it…..the fly won’t turn into a key. I’ve cleaned out my history and cache and it still turn into a key, no matter how many times I click. Anyone have advice?

  • Haltiamieli

    Severus: have you tried the mirror sites? http://www.jkrowling.net and .org and .com and .co.uk etc?

  • hpboy13

    oh dear oh dear oh dear
    this was hard!!! I really really hope I passed – I got an E the first time and an A the second time. I really wanna pass!
    Okay, you are now all justified in sayign anything I predict is wrong – I predicted the solstice for the 3rd WOMBAT. There is one question I was hoping you coudl put my mind at ease about: the way to defeat Devil’s Snare is Sunlight, right? Cuz technically you coudl use fire too. But fire was for Inferi. Please help!

  • roonwit

    Actually fire is probably better for devil’s snare, which is what Hermione uses in the books.

  • Aubry

    i tried jkrowling.com, .org, .net, and .co.uk and still THE FLY WONT TURN INTO A KEY!!! i have never been able to OPEN THE DOOR! and this is probably the last time it will be open!

  • Haltiamieli

    hpboy13: I suppose you are correct. Hermione says in book one that Devil’s Snare likes “dark and damp” environments, so sunlight sounds like a good option, though of course fire doesn’t sound wrong either, and works fine when Hermione conjures it. In book 6 it is quite definitely said that the Inferi shunned the fire, not the light it produced… though I might be wrong still. Only Jo knows for sure.

  • Tom

    Can someone help me? Whenever I enter the non-Accessibility Enabled version, the door has the Do Not Disturb sign on it, and whenever I enter the Accessibility Enabled version, the sign is gone but the fly won’t turn into a key…

  • Myst

    Refresh (I think it is F4 key) then back out to desk and then go back to the page with the door. This is how I did it for the English access.

  • Myst

    That was interesting. Just had to go to .org to catch the fly??? Now for the rest.

  • Big_Kelpie

    I think the symbol is very very important or importnat in as mall part of the books and jsut forgotten late and jo is just playing a joke on us…
    It was so difficult!!!!!!!!!! But a lot funner that the other two I hope she gives us the right answers , that would be a lot of new information.. probably if she releases the encyclopedia she kind of promised, we’ll get all the answers.. What a weird day for a door opening!! I thought it would be on june 21.. the solssitice and one month for DH

  • Tom

    Thanks Myst. I finally got it. I’m guessing it was just the fact that I was at .com instead of .org (I tried refreshing at .com and it didn’t work).

  • Beatrice

    Fun test! Will be interested to get my results, since I didn’t review history before taking it.

    Regarding the fly: Be sure to click and drag; don’t click & release.

  • daveindetroit

    Tow quote someone dear to us all “Squeee” I got an EE on the first and an Outstanding on the second This one was BY FAR the most difficult.

  • Pat Pat

    Wow. That was incredibly hard. I’m not sure we even have canon for a lot of those questions. I’m curious about the last question. I chose fire for both inferi and Devil’s Snare. If we go by the books (and not the movies) fire was used on both of them. Is there any reason an answer could not have been used twice?

  • Big_Kelpie

    I have done the tesr again(to try and get a troll this time) and I suddenly want to read A history of magic .whatever harry may think, wizarding history seems very interesting!!

  • LBecker

    I too used fire for both snare and inferi. I figured if the test didn’t block it, it was worth a chance.

  • Zam

    Ok, maybe i’m an idiot, but i cant get the ring and rod to sparkle!! how do they fit together??

  • Zam, you need to place the ring in just the right position, on the lower half of the rod. Try moving it ever so slightly until it “takes”.

    And you must do them in the proper order, so to start over, you can drag an item off to the side and let go, they will pop back to their original spot.

  • Kelcey

    I can’t click the fly!!?? Help?

  • Kaz

    That WAS hard! Very interesting, though – I wonder if we’ll get answers from Jo after the last book is released. I got an O for the last one, but I don’t think I’ll be getting another one, somehow!

    PatPat, I did the same as you – used fire for both Inferi and Devil’s Snare. It wouldn’t be the first time Jo tricks us!

  • Reader2

    Is anyone else excited about the fact that the test had introduced new characters, and gave us new facts about some of the old ones?

  • hpboy13

    Yes, but doesn’t Hermione only use fire as an alternative to sunlight? Another question: Fudge was the one with denying the return of the Dark Lord or w/e, right?

  • Bandersnatch

    Here’s a thought:

    The symbol on the spine of the cover is engraved into a rock or a wall. The symbol on Jo’s desk is made of golden pieces.

    So what if… the engraved symbol is a lock. The Trio have to find the three golden pieces, put them together to make a key, and then use it to get through the lock (and perhaps into that vault on the UK cover).

    Too “Indiana Jones”?

  • Myst


    I had to go to jkr.org to get it to hold on the fly, then you drag it. On .com I couldn’t come near the fly.

  • hpboy13

    I liek how you think, Bandersnatch! Here’s an idea: what if, once the three pieces are put together, they unlock the locked door at the DoM? Or am I gettign too far into fanfic here?

  • nathan zimmermann

    There were two new MoM’s that have not appeared as WotM or been mentioned before, Nobby Leach, and Spout Hole Spavin.

  • Kelcey

    Wow, that was a fun test! Too bad it’s the last one

  • Yes, nathan zimmermann
    With test, we basically doubled the names we have for Ministers of Magic, *and* we have dates! I think some of the goblin names are new too.

    Do you think she got the idea for dunking Urg the Unclean from fandom jokes about Snape?

  • Heather

    Does anyone know how long it takes for the W.O.B.A.T. test results to appear?
    I took the test several hours ago and test still has not been marked. The hands on the clock have not moved at all. They are still at “Paper Being Marked”
    Is there a special trick to getting the results.

  • daelirium

    I’m asking a really dumb question, but how do you get a Wombat Student ID to begin with? If I didn’t do the first 2, does that mean I can’t participate in this one? Thanks!

  • Reader2

    You don’t need the ID to take the test.
    Just answer “no” when it asks you if you took the test before, and it will let you take the test.
    When you are done, it will give you an ID# that you can use to find out the test results.

  • jamie1putt

    Heather, Last time I took the test it was about four or five days after the “do not disturb” sign came back up before I got my results.

  • aillinne

    The results will be available within few days after W.O.M.B.A.T. Test is closed.

  • Cricket

    The symbol is on the back of the UK children’s edition of Deathly Hallows.
    It is an alchemical symbol and I have seen it on sites about ancient history.

    I usually check to see if the do not disturb sign is on the door, then look around to see what is different. For once I didn’t need a hint on how to access something!

    Not bad for a nearly ancient woman…


  • Emzy

    OMG! That was actually very hard. DONT WORRY COZ YOU CAN REDO IT!!!

  • Found this info on similar symbols used in Alchemy ‘Each part representing the various “elements” and forces needed for magical work in the quest for physical transformation and spiritual illumination and immortality. Many medieval alchemists based their philosophies on mystical traditions rooted in the Kabbala (Jewish mysticism), Hermetic magic and the occult practices of ancient civilizations such as Egypt and China. See Philosopher’s stone and phoenix.’ Dont you think this seems to fit in with many themes in the books?

  • iszi

    defence questions were easy though I think I’m gonna get marked down for my answers to what makes dark arts safer. I’m not banning anything – whatever it could be used for. Siding with Snape on that one. Which basically means I’m a baddie. But if I’m libertarian in muggle life, I have to be in the wizarding world too.

    Anyhow, I reckon I messed up the Ministry wizards bit a treat. Humph, Got an O last time, thinking I’ll be lucky with an A this time.

    Stupid goblins – I dunno!

  • Great there’s some new characters! (ministers for Magic)

  • iszi

    oh yeah – we don’t get our marks til about a week after the door closes – stops everyone cheating.

  • Phil

    In the first book it says that Devil’s Snare cringed away from the light and heat, so I think Light is the correct answer.

  • recklesscatlover

    This 3rd was much better than the others. Story-related, one could think and answer, instead of tossing a coin. For the first time I’ll care of my mark…

  • cleo

    Ive just re-read the bit when ron comes out of the history of magic exam in goblet of fire. doesnt he say that he invented urg the unlean?

  • Sierra

    That was great! Its a pity i didnt do the 2 wombat///
    You know passinthis exam for me was very difficult and i was just guessin bcoz i read Hp books in russian and the translation of names is different))

  • Haltiamieli

    cleo: yeah, at least Ron _thought_ he invented the name of Urg the Unclean, but wouldn’t it be quite Jo-ish if Ron accidentally invented a person who really had been? On the other hand I wonder about Hodrod the Horny-handed – according to Lexicon’s information about old “Daily Prophet” newsletters (http://www.hp-lexicon.org/about/sources/source_dp.html) Hodrod was in prison at the end of 20th century, and goblin activists demanded his release… do goblins live long enough that he could have been commiting his crimes, for which he was imprisoned, in 17th or 18th century? That would mean at least well over 200 years lifetime. Suppose we have nothing in canon to exactly contradict that, though. It might be possible. Or quite possibly Jo has just changed his mind on Hodrod’s years of action since DP.

    Ragnuk the First’s allegation that Godric had stolen his sword would also mean pretty long lifetime, as Godric had lived sometime around 10th century… if this wasn’t historical claim. I chose this option because I thought the chronology was just too cautious, but now with hindsight it seems its not the only cautious option…

  • nathan zimmermann

    Lisa, it seems plausible that the idea of dunking Urg was inspired by the desire expressed by some fans to have Snape take a bath.

  • seserusisn’tevil

    Maybe the reason it doesn’t work for some people is that they’re using the “Accessibility Enabled Version”. I was, and it didn’t work. Then I used the regular version by clickingon the British Flag, and it worked.

  • Which answer was correct when asked “What spell/charm etc. can heal a werewolf’s bite?”? I chose NO CURE, is that correct?

  • Haltiamieli

    Lisa Marie: yep, sadly. No cure for werewolf bites. “Bitten by a werewolf, poor chap. No cure at all” says Arthur Weasley about his roommate when in Mungo’s in book 5.

  • aillinne

    It’s not fair! Why could I have not this Vista-thing?

  • Maxim

    Hmm, I don’t have Vista, but it seems interesting to have a widget like that. A new countdown and life results, not bad, not bad!!!

  • recklesscatlover

    I don’t have – neither do I want to – Vista. This thing is bad for style (the shame goes not to JKR but to the enterprise that takes care of the site.

  • The Azkaban Dietitian

    When is the transcript for the WOMBAT 3 going to be up? Can’t you post it without commentaries first?

  • Nymphe

    Hi, anyone else unable to take the test with their WOMBAT 1 student code? It seemed to just freeze at searching. Also how much time did you wait for the answers to be submitted? It’s been 15 mins now and it’s still not come back with a new test code. Argh!!

    I knew I mixed up – I didn’t see werewolf BITE, just werewolf, and chose aconite. Durrrr who knows how many more mistakes I’ve made!! I’ll try my old student code again tomorrow…

  • Peanut

    The fly doesn’t turn into a key no matter how much I try! Is it because I use a mac or safari or something? Arg! I want to do the wombat!

  • Big_Kelpie

    no way..I want VISTA

  • Jenny

    GoF chaper 31:

    “Oh…okay,” said Ron. “Couldn’t remember all the goblin rebels’ names, so I invented a few. It’s all right,” he said, helping himself to a Cornish pasty, while Mrs. Weasley looked stern, “they’re all called stuff like Bodrod the Bearded and Urg the Unclean; it wasn’t hard.”

    I had assumed that he invented the two names, but on careful re-reading, he says goblins have names “like” Urg the Unclean. So I’m not sure we can say canon really tells us whether or not Urg is real or Ron made him up. It would be like someone saying “all cats have names like Fluffy and Socks.” Could be real names… or not… ???

  • Big_Kelpie

    so can anybody tell us, non-Vista usrs, what the gadget does?

  • John

    I wonder where exactly she is going for the tour. I hope it’s somewhere in Texas! I don’t like the W.O.M.B.A.T. gadget for Vista, I think Xp is better. The test, as I said yesterday, was very difficult, I told one of my friends to take it, and also the guy who told me the door was open during the Christmas holidays last year.

  • SGBG

    To Lisa Marie and Haltiamieli:
    Although its true that there is no cure for a werewolf bite, I’m not sure that’s what the question was asking. Aconite (Wolfbane) is supposed to lessen the effects that occur to a werewolf and i’m pretty sure that I’ve read something saying that wolfsbane will ward of werewolves, though it cant defeat one. But I digress, your answer may very well be correct.

  • nathan zimmermann

    The nickname Spout Hole given to MoM Spavin reminded me of a wound caused by a centaur’s arrow.

    The one night of breaches of the statute of Secrecy reminded me of the celebrations that occurred during MoM Bagnold’s tenure in the aftermath of Voldemort’s disappearance in 1981.

    The creation of the Ghost Division by Grogan Stump probably inspired the Ghost Floats demonstrations at the MoM.

    The Squibs rights protests probably occurred during the administration of Nobby Leach because, the 1960’s in Europe was time of grreat change and Turbulence in both North America and Europe.

    The appointment of Artemisia Lufkin as the first woman to hold the modern position of MoM probably caused some of the older members of Wizengamot to protest her appointment since, the only other woman known to have held such authority was Elfrida Clagg.

    The question on Fudge was the easiest on the test.

  • Big_Kelpie

    actually,nathan zimmermann, it was during Fudge’s period that the oldest members of wizengamot renunced..
    Fudge didn’t deny the rebirth of a dark lord afeter seeing him in the ministry.. SO lufkin must have don that. ot maybe im wrong.. buti know that during OotP, some Wizengamomt members resigned as a protest

  • nathan zimmermann

    Big Kelpie, Fudge’s denial about Lord voldemort led to ultimately to his resignation because, after Voldemort appeared at that MoM he was forced to admit he’d been wrong and that Voldemort was back.

    The question was worded in such way that it asked which MoM resigned after denying the return of a notorious Dark Wizard until this wizard actually apparated into the MoM.

  • For those awaiting the text of the exam with our commentary… well… we’re working on it! But with real life and the exam being so difficult this time and all… please bear with us!
    In the meantime I’ve created a page of just the test questions especially for those folks unable to read it on Jo’s site.
    WOMBAT grade 3

  • Reader2

    Big Kelpie,
    If you are refering to the resignation of Marchbanks and Ogden, they resigned in protest of his attempt to control Hogwarts. It heppened long after Fudge was appointed.

    WOMBAT tells us of Wizedamot members resigning in protest of minister’s appointment. That’s a whole other story.
    Here my money is on Lufkin.

    For the squib parades and pure-blood riots, I chose Bagshot. She was the one dealing with Voldemort’s first rise to power. Riots fit for that period nicely.

    Ghost protests had to be for Stump. He was the one sorting out all the mess with beasts, beings and spirits.

  • Bandersnatch

    Stump could have been the centaur assassination attempt, too. The centaurs would hate being classified as “beast.”

  • hpboy13

    OMG!!! Jo will be in NYC!!! Okay, I’m making it my life’s goal to get a ticket – I live in NYC, and I already had to miss her last year because my mom made me go to the stinkin Poconos for the summer.

  • Bandersnatch

    Question 9 is very clever. The way that it’s written, you don’t need to know anything about transfiguration, charms, or animagi. There is only one logically consistent answer; the other two are self-contradictory. (I think. I had to draw some Venn diagrams to work it out.)

    Incidentally, if you change that question to read “Which of the following is CORRECT,” then all three answers are logically consistent, and therefore you actually do need to know something about the subject to answer the question.

  • Bandersnatch

    (I should say that I didn’t work out the logic of Question 9 myself — Ginevra Potter pointed it out to me. But I drew the Venn diagrams anyway, ’cause Venn was cool.)

  • Haltiamieli

    Bandersnatch: as careful as I tried to be when answering, I managed to read that question as “Which of the following is CORRECT?” Bugger. However, I’m not sure what was my answer. I may have choosen right even when understood the question upside down πŸ˜›

  • olivier

    Whew, that was hard – and a lot of guesswork. Can I continue on my two Outstandings? What about the Draught of Living Death? Asphodel and wormwood are part of it, so they cannot conquer it… so no cure, right? But I sure am glad she put the test on now – I’ll be on a fortnight’s leave without computer… But when iI return I’ll hurry to read the Lexicon’s comments!

  • Peppergnome

    olivier, If Draught of the Living Death can be classified as a poison, then a bezoar may be an effective antidote. That was my guess.

  • Haltiamieli

    In “Famous Hags Cards” (http://www.hp-lexicon.org/wizards/card_wizards.html) is mentioned Leticia Somnolens, who “was jealous of the king’s daughter and caused her to prick her finger on a spindle tainted with a Draught of the Living Death. A young wizard who had smeared his lips with Wiggenweld potion kissed the princess and brought her out of her trance.” So supposedly there’s some cure for the Draught of the Living Dead, or poor old Sleeping Beauty would have dozed on and on. But what does Wiggenweld potion consist of? Or is it even real or just a legend even inside Potter world?

    SGBG: now that you mentioned the wording when it comes to werewolves, there really _is_ one very effective defence against werewolves, not wolfsbane but simply _sunlight_. Duh! xP

  • John

    A cure would have been taught in potions right? Because, if a deatheater gave a very important wizard a the Draught of the Living Death, then a cure would have to be made to bring this wizard out of eternal sleep.

  • hpboy13

    I put no cure for the Darught of Living Death – it doesn’t seem all that curable to me, or it wouldn’t be made such a fuss voer and been called a regular sleeping potion.

    And I don’t think sunlight is what Jo had in midn for werewolves, though that actually does make sense. But I stand by aconite.

  • Peanut

    The test questions just show how much background and depth JKR has on her books. I can’t wait for the encyclopedia! I’m almost as excited about it as I am about DH. Almost. I wonder if she’ll write other novels about the Potterverse maybe set way before Harry…. Maybe about Dumbledore and his childhood or something…..

  • Big_Kelpie

    Bandersnatch: centaurs actually asked to be classified as beast and not beings. It says so in FB.
    Which answer do you think is the right one in question 9? I have to guess that one (and half of the other oens)

  • SGBG

    For the question about the food magic, was that answer: ‘Foodstuffs can be increased, transfigured, summoned from a distance and magically cooked’? We know that it can be increased because Harry refills the bottles of wine in Hagrids Hut in HBP. I cant see why it wouldn’t be possible to summon or cook food with magic. And arent Bertie Bott’s beans and chocolate frogs transfigured?

  • SGBG

    Although now that I think about it, Mrs. Weasly did conjure up a creamy sauce and Mr. Ollivander conjured a fountain of wine.

    Big_Kelpie: Number 9 had to be c because if c was true than the other two would would have to be false.

  • Casta

    I was one of thoese people who could not get the fly to do anything until I tried this link. Hope it helps all the frustrated!


  • Bandersnatch

    Yes, SGBG, that was my logic. Or actually, Ginevra Potter’s logic. [a] and [c] contradict each other, and [b] and [c] contradict each other.

    Big_Kelpie: You are absolutely right, I had forgotten that the centaurs asked to be classified as beasts. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

    In fact, I now see that the ghost protests during Stump’s tenure as Minister are indirectly referred to in FB, p. xii (in text and in footnote 2):

    Not until 1811 were definitions found that most of the magical community found acceptable. Grogan Stump, the newly appointed Minister for Magic, decreed that a “being” was “any creature that has sufficient intelligence to understand the laws of the magical community and to bear part of the responsibility in shaping those laws.” (Footnote 2: An exception was made for the ghosts, who asserted that it was insensitive to class them as “beings” when they were so clearly “has-beens.” Stump therefore created the three divisions of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures that exist today: the Beast Division, the Being Division, and the Spirit Division.)

    [emphasis mine]

  • Bandersnatch

    Actually, though, the answer to the question about Stump could still be either (a) attempted assassination by centaur or (e) ghost demonstrations (“protest floats”). Stump wanted to classify both centaurs and ghosts as “beings” because of their intelligence, but both groups refused the status — centaurs wanted to stay as “beasts” (see FB p. xiii), ghosts wanted to be reclassified as “spirits.” A centaur could have tried to make his point with an arrow, so (a) could still be right.

  • Bandersnatch

    Although as a friend just pointed out to me, one can easily imagine the ghosts whining about being “has-beens,” but the centaurs don’t seem like they would assassinate to get their point across — they just wouldn’t care about wizard affairs that much. So (e) is probably the correct answer.

    Makes you wonder what “Spout-Hole” Spavin did to get the centaurs so riled up, though.

  • Big_Kelpie

    to everyoen who had enough logic to think number 9:wow.. had i stopped for 5 minutes and though a bit, i would have gotten it.. I believe i chose B….Have we not heard about spout-hole before? Id we haven’t and wer odnt know about anything that happened with centaurs arount the time he was appointed, probably jo expected as to go back and mark the remaining option..

  • Jinx

    With regards to the MOM’s appointment that caused some wizards to resigned I had 2 thoughts. One was the minister who was in office from 1962-68. He had the shortest term of all the ministers listed, so maybe he wasn’t popular when he was elected.

    The other is Millicent Bagnold. The war was going on for 10 years and maybe the wizard community wanted a change of direction and elected Millicent. But the other minister had loyal followers and didn’t like the changes Millicent was going to make and resigned in protest.

  • Bellastrix

    Did anyone else have a problem with the WOMBAT reader not recognizing your i.d. number? This happened with the first WOMBAT test too. This tme, I re-took te test, and entered the number right away. The needle didn’t point to anything – I guess it’s too soon, but at least the number was accepted.

    Anyone else have their number rejected?

  • Jayni D.

    To Belinda: A correction is needed on the text of W.O.M.B.A.T. 3 on this site for question 15-1. It should be BOGGART, not Aconite, that needs to be conquered. Aconite is the first item in the list that you choose from.

    It kinda threw me off as I was trying to remember what answers I had put; then I took the test again and discovered why. :^)

  • Thank you Jayni! I had very little time to proofread! and I’ve noticed I also mis-lettered all the answers to number 6. *facepalm* Please feel free to email me if anyone notices more mistakes!

  • Jayni D.

    Hi, Belinda, sorry to nitpick, but now you have NO CURE beside wormwood, as well as listed underneath, for all the Question 15 lists. Not a big deal, but you did say to let you know. ;^)

    By the way, in case I haven’t said it before, I think you and the other Lexicon staff members do an amazing job on this website!!! Thanks!

  • Pat Pat

    My problem with the food question was, if a, b, or c were actually true, why did Sirius need Harry and Company to bring food to him in GoF? He stated he had been living off of rats mostly. If food could be conjured out of thin air, why didn’t he just conjur some? Similarly if any object could be transfigured into food, he could have turned a rock or something into a steak. Or he could have summoned some food from hogsmeade and magically cooked it. IMO it has to be D.

  • Pat Pat

    Haltiamieli, I think I did the same as you on question 9. I’m pretty sure I read it as correct too. :sigh: I read the questions three times before answering, but sometimes the mind sees what it wants to see!

  • John

    It could be possible that Sirius didn’t know how to summon or create food by magic, he had been in prison for about thirteen years at the time he got out. I imagine he would forget some things.

  • Langenscheidt

    Everything you summon will disappear within some time. JKR stated this once in an interview. So you won’t put on weight by eating cunjured sauces… In this situation, there were also real things to eat. But for Sirius it would have been of no use.

  • hpboy13

    Also, if food could be cooked by magic, then that sorta defeats the purpose of house-elves and everything – I’m under the distinct impression that food has to be actually cooked, though a wand of course does help. It truly is astounding how detailed the universe Rowlign created is…

  • hpluver23

    when i click on the fly, it doesn’t do anything…any tips?

  • Langenscheidt

    I think you can make water boil by magic, but not actually change the molecular structure of the food. So if you have raw vegetables, you still need a pot and some water to cook them.

  • Commentary has been posted: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/wizworld/wombat/wombat3comments.html

    At least part of it. Steve will post his tonight, as he has a massive rehearsal today.

  • Stephen

    Will there be any chance to retake the previous WOMBAT tests? I took the second test but lost my student identification code. I missed the first test entirely.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    Love your commented wombat ^^ I want to say some things too πŸ˜›

    Question 7.1: Could be Benedict XVI a wizard in the Vatican? I doubt it. When she says EVERY COUNTRY, we have to think the most tiny too, as Vatican. Not, there couldn’t be wizards in ALL the countries. Maybe 95%, but not 100%.

    7.2: Didn’t say Hermione something about it when they speak about the HBP, about royal family and wizards? I don’t remember πŸ™ PD: I don’t want to think there are magic kings… I live in a country with Monarchy and I can’t find something more ridiculus in a democratic country.

    Q. 7-9: That Sirius did it doesn’t mean that it is legal. He was a convict: he himself wasn’t legally on the tropics, and despite it he was there.

    Q 8: C, I agree…

    Q: 12- I find it very interesting… and with some politic ideology hidden. Option A seems a bit “week of banned books”, something we know Jo doesn’t agree. Option C has been minunderstood, I think: a good that could be used for dark arts is NOT a dark art good. All goods can be used for dark arts! Froms knettles to diaries. I think this is a wrong option. Option C seems a bit Guantanamo, against Amnisty International policies. I doubt Jo would like it. And option G, despite it is an official exam of the Ministry, the examiner is Griselda Marchbanks, pro-Dumbledore and a person who wouldn’t agree persuade the boy who lived. I voted for option E and option F. Am I the one who sees a lot of politic ideology in this question?

    Q. 13: Jo said clearly in EXTRA STUFF – ABOUT SPELLS that option D is true.

    Q. 14: For the best of Hermione, who has a otter, I want to think that strenght doesn’t vary with the animal.

  • hpboy13

    While this commentary did reassure me on some questions, it only made me feel stupider in the long run. How did I miss that the first female Minister would cause a big to-do in the Wizengamot? I thought they were talkign abotu Umbridge!!

  • I tryed and I probably got half of it wrong, but whatever, it was fun anyway.

  • Reader2

    The question about royal wizard families is tricky.
    One one hand, there are no titles in wizard society, but on the other hand some wizards carry muggle titles.
    Take Hogwarts ghosts for example.

  • Hmmmm. The Vatican City has something over 800 citizens. This may be fudging a bit but I assumed that there is a time factor too. The Vatican might not have any wizards now, but they probably have in the past.

  • Bandersnatch

    Let me just say that, regarding Question 9, there IS something that relates Charms to Animagi — although it didn’t strike me until LONG after the test.

    Jo defines a Charm as something which just changes the properties of the object, not the identity of the object (that would be Transfiguration). So making a teacup sprout legs and walk, or making a book fly to your hand, or making a banner flash different colors, are all examples of charms.

    Now look at this quote from QA1:
    Those few Animagi who transform into winged creatures may enjoy flight, but they are a rarity. The witch or wizard who finds him- or herself transfigured into a bat may take to the air, but, having a bat’s brain, they are sure to forget where they want to go the moment they take flight.

    This shows that when Prof. McGonagall transforms into a cat, she does not just transfigure herself — if she did, she would be a cat with a cat’s brain, forget that she was a human, and go off chasing mice. So she also has to do something that changes the properties of the cat by giving it her brain and memories. That’s a Charm.

    So I would definitely say that the answer to Question 9 is [c]: it is incorrect that what an Animagus does is neither Transfiguration nor Charms. Translating that into plain English, it means that what an Animagus does is either Transfiguration, or Charms, or both. And since [a] and [b] must both be correct if [c] in incorrect, then in fact an Animagus does both.

    Lisa, I think you were right!

  • Reader2


    No offence, but do you really think that Drumstrung is in Bulgaria?
    It was specifically stated that Drumstrung is somewhere far to the North.
    Bulgaria is actually South of England.
    It does however prove your point.
    Drumstrung is obviously an international school, which suggests that not every country can have its own magic school.

  • Keta

    In PoA wasn’t Hermione out of country, when she sent Harry the present with Hedwig?
    and well even if she had loosened up with the rule-following, this would still be a law, so I don’t think she would break it just to send Harry a present..

  • Langenscheidt

    I thought about the cooking again. Maybe you can transfigure raw meat into cooked meat, but probably it won’t taste very good, because it’s just cooked meat without any spices and stuff. So for a nice dinner, you still have some work for your house-elf to do. πŸ˜‰

  • I have to throw my hat in the ring on #9. πŸ™‚

    SGBG said above: “Number 9 had to be c because if c was true than the other two would would have to be false.” This is an accurate statement – but it’s not the only possibility. It’s also true that if c was false, A, B, OR BOTH could be true. It’s completely possible for any one choice to be false while the other two are true, and whether or not one option “forces” the others to be true is irrelevant.

    That said, Bandersnatch’s most recent explanation is a solid one. Though it actually leads me to believe that perhaps the answer should have been (a), and maybe Transfiguration isn’t going on at all!

  • John

    I agree with you John, I throw my hat in too. I think I messed up on that question.

  • Peanut

    About the schools question, there’s no real way to know if there is a school in every country or not. The triwizard schools may just be the big ones. I’m looking at it like this: Seamus Finnigan appears to be the only Irish student in Hogwarts. That’s about average with Britain’s demographic, but what about all the other Irish wizards? Surely there must be a lot more seeing as how they have a winning Quiddich team and a long mythical history. So there’s probably a minor school on Ireland. But then again it’s very difficult to say that EVERY country has it’s own school so…. Maybe I’m just annoyed that no Irish school has been mention cos I’m Irish! πŸ™‚

  • aillinne


    Here you are:
    “American wizards have their own wizarding school; they cannot attend Hogwarts because it only serves Britain and Ireland.”

    “World Exclusive Interview with J K Rowling,” South West News Service, 8 July 2000

    URL: http://www.accio-quote.org/themes/hogwarts.htm

  • Bandersnatch

    John is correct: I must revise my earlier statement that [c] is the only logically consistent answer to Question 9. You can indeed chose any of the three answers to be the one incorrect one, and no contradictions will arise. My mistake was in drawing my original Venn diagram so that the kind of magic that is neither T nor C (call it X) was completely disjoint from both T and C. But of course it is possible for a wizard to do both T and X, or both C and X, or even all three.

    But I think what an Animagus does definitely involves Transfiguration, John, if for no other reason than it is McGonagall who teaches about it in her class. To transform, an Animagus transfigures himself into his animal, while simultaneously charming the animal to have his memories and reasoning faculties. No wonder it’s so hard to learn!

  • Bandersnatch

    Oh, and I fear that the answer to 15-3 (how to conquer Devil’s Snare) is NOT [i] sunlight, even though that is what I also put on my exam. Unfortunately, it’s only in the movie that Hermione conquers the deadly plant with sunlight. In the book, as you quote in your commentary, it is FIRE that defeats the ferocious florum. So I think the answer is actually [f] fire. (Which means that it gets used twice in question 15: for the Devil’s Snare and for the Inferi.)

  • aillinne

    Sunlight can’t kill Devil’s Snare in my opinion. In OP Broderic Bode receives it as Christmas gift and it flourishes despite of the sunlight and of course kills poor guy. I think it has to be magical conjured light (and fire) in order to destroy the plant.

  • Reader2

    Bode was killed at night. That means that Devil’s Snare was harmless during the day. It only florished in the dark.
    If each option could only be used once, fire goes to inferius.

  • aillinne

    “St Mungo’s Hospital promised a full
    inquiry last night after Ministry of Magic worker Broderick Bode, 49, was discovered dead in his bed,
    strangled by a pot plant.” There is no information when exactly was Bode murdered. It only states that St.Mungo promised inquiry last NIGHT. Not so important, though.

  • Bandersnatch

    But it was never specified that each option could only be used once.

    The book says that Devil’s Snare likes the dark and the damp, so it seems possible that sunlight could be used to fight it. However, the book makes no mention of sunlight, only fire. So as much as I’d like sunlight to be right (because that’s what I put on the exam), I fear it isn’t.

  • aillinne

    I marked fire for Inferi and Devil’s Snare both. Don’t ask what I chose for DOLD…

  • Stephen

    Since it stated in the introduction to the test that some answers will cause you to lose points, I suspect that different answers will cause you to gain or lose different numbers of points. In the case of the Devil’s Snare, I expect that both fire and sunlight will work, but one answer will give more points than the other.

  • bdblas

    been clicking on the fly for ages and it doesn’t turn into a key. Help please – I haven’t taken any WOMBATs before.

  • Ginevra Potter

    9. Which of the following is INCORRECT?
    a. An Animagus is able to perform a kind of Self-Transfiguration.
    b. An Animagus is able to perform a kind of Self-Charm.
    c. An Animagus is able to perform a kind of magic that is NEITHER Transfiguration NOR Charm.

    If a) is the best answer to this question, then that probably means that a) is the only incorrect answer among the three. So, in truth, an Animagus is not performing Self-Transfiguration. Because a) is the only incorrect answer, the other two answers are correct. So, an Animagus is performing a Self-Charm *and* an Animagus is performing neither a Self-Transfiguration nor a Self-Charm. Because these two statements cannot possibly be true at the same time, then more than one of the choices is incorrect if a) is incorrect, and I really donÒ€ℒt think that is the case, here.

  • Bandersnatch

    Yes, that’s what I thought too, Ginevra Potter, but now I think differently.

    Before, I was reading option [c] to mean “An Animagus does not do Transfiguration, and does not do Charms.” Read that way, options [a] and [c] can’t both be true (an Animagus DOES and DOES NOT do Transfiguration); and also options [b] and [c] can’t both be true (DOES and DOES NOT do Charms). Therefore the only logically consistent way for it to work was for [c] to be incorrect, and for [a] and [b] to be correct (meaning an Animagus does both Transfiguration and Charms).

    But in fact, [c] says something else: “An Animagus does something besides Transfiguration and Charms.” Let X be all kinds of magic that are not classified as Transfiguration (T) or Charms (C). Then [c] reads, “An Animagus does X.”

    But just because he does X, doesn’t mean he can’t do T as well, or C as well, or any combination of them. If one reads it that way (and I now think that is the correct way), any two options can be true and the other false — there are no logical contradictions. Which means, as John said in his commentary, that now you have to fall back on knowledge about the magical world.

    But I still think the answer is [c], because the quotes from QA1 and elsewhere lead me to believe that an Animagus does self-Transfiguration and self-Charms.

  • aillinne

    Don’t use Accessibility Enabled Version. Try with “Enter Site” (this thing with British Flag – Union Jack)

  • Ginevra Potter

    If you take option c) literally, then all c) is saying is that a witch or wizard, who happens to be Animagus, is able to do some form of magic at some point (not necessarily during Animagus transformation) that is neither Charm nor Transfiguration. Because so many branches of magic are neither Charm nor Transfiguration (Potions, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes, etc.), then I would hope that every witch or wizard would be able to perform a magic that is neither Charm nor Transfiguration, whether Animagus or not. If we read c) and the other options literally, then probably none would be incorrect. That said, I think c) should say that *the* magic required for Animagus transformation is neither Charm nor Transfiguration. Of course, we can only speculate what was meant.

  • Bandersnatch

    GP said:
    If you take option c) literally, then all c) is saying is that a witch or wizard, who happens to be Animagus, is able to do some form of magic at some point (not necessarily during Animagus transformation) that is neither Charm nor Transfiguration.

    Yeah, but options [a] and [b] could be read in exactly the same way, and yet we don’t have a problem reading them as “when an Animagus transforms, he does a kind of Self-_____.” You have to be consistent.

    If you want to say that option [c] means “*the* magic required … is neither Charm nor Transfiguration,” then you have to read options [a] and [b] as “*the* magic required for Animagus transformation is _____,” which implies that no other type of magic is required. But then there is absolutely no logically consistent answer to the question, so that reading cannot be correct.

  • HarryAyryn

    I bet Jo would leap for joy when reading these. She has started another indepth discussion over the Potter world.

  • Butterbeer

    I can’t catch that fly! I’ve been to .net, .org, I’ve followed every piece of advice that is already listed but I can’t catch that fly!! Someone PLEASE HELP

  • Reader2

    Alas, Butterbeer.

    You are simply too late.

  • Wombat Joe

    Why is it only VISTA users that get the new gadget?

  • John

    Wombat Joe, the Vista users get the new gadget because the site makers make it so.

  • bob

    i never took a wombat test because i never found out how to get on. when i found this i tried to click on the fly but it always flys away. is there a trick to clicking on it please help

  • bob

    if i finally do click on the fly nothing happens. do i just click on it or do i hold onto it with the mouse

  • Bob, you’ve missed it. The test is no longer available! Please read futher in the What’s New posts for information about the Door, the WOMBATs and the results.