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Door closes on W.O.M.B.A.T. 2


The door on Jo’s site is closed again. Hopefully you all had a chance to take the WOMBAT test. We’re working on adding all the new tidbits of canon to the Lexicon and of course, waiting eagerly to get our scores.

Edit: The WOMBAT room’s clock says the tests have been graded and are in the mail!


Pensieve (Comments)

  • I’ve been wondering about something:

    I know the test brings up a lot that we think may be true, but since we don’t know the answers, what can be deduced as canon or not??

  • That’s a good question, Phoenician!
    Of course we would love to learn the proper answers to many of these questions, since we could then deduce so much canon from the alternate choices. For example #7 tells us many things about House-elves, if we only knew which one was the false one!
    But there are a few other tidbits we can gather, like:
    the Ministry of Magic conducts polls
    there is an Institute for Muggle Studies
    there are Weather-Modifying Charms (and they affect the environment)
    there are saltwater and freshwater merpeople (which we could guess, but it hadn’t been stated)
    the average age of the Wizengamot is above 87, members are not required to be pure-blood, their terms are not limited (to 3 years, anyway), it has no Goblin representatives
    We are working to cull the test questions for these tidbits and we will post a page of our findings. 🙂

  • Lariescott

    Where and how will the results be delivered?

  • roonwit

    Click the wombat card in the desktop, which pops up a WOMBATs results window into which you put your code. The results are currently “in the post” so should be with us by around this time tomorrow.