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2 August, 2001


  • I’ve been spending a lot of time getting the Harry Potter for Grown Ups FAQ web site up and running. It’s quite something! Check it out if you get a chance. The FAQ Site is a series of essays compiling and excerpting material from the discussions from the Harry Potter for Grown Ups group. You’ll find there the collected wisdom of over 1500 Harry Potter fans who have spent hours and hours thinking about and talking over details of the books in the message area of the group. I will be placing links in the Lexicon between the two sites, so watch for that.
  • I finally put together a map of the ground floor of Hogwarts castle, based on careful reading of the books. The Great Hall and the Entrance Hall take up most of the space. You’ll notice that the trailer from the film does NOT agree with the arrangement as given in the books, and of course the books are considered canon and the movie is not. This is quite a nice map, I think. I’m working on more of them for the Atlas of Hogwarts.
  • The day-by-day calendar of Prisoner of Azkaban is done and uploaded. This one was very tricky, since there was no way to make the dates actually fit any real calendar. I managed to put it together as logically as possible, but there are three main discrepencies that are noted at the beginning of that page.


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