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What's New

14 October, 2001


  • I have added several works of art done by Edgar Torné, a very talented artist. Edgar’s work currently appears on the new Voldemort page and on the Hogwarts Ghosts page.
  • I am also adding new artwork by Phénix and Lord Voldemort. They contributed illustrations of J.K.Rowling and of the Niffler (and I’m going to add more soon.)
  • I have been editing various pages, including adding quite a bit of information to the Dudley page.
  • Amy Z, a frequent contributor to the Lexicon, has written a very nice essay about the plotlines in Prisoner of Azkaban. You’ll find it in the “Delving Deeper into Harry Potter” section of the Help/About page.
  • I’ve also added (finally) the essay by Rrishi Raote about the use of descriptive words in the Harry Potter books.


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