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8 December, 2001


  • Editing again, adding little details here and there. I have added a couple of spells from the film, but one of them, Lumos Solarum, really doesn’t fit into the canon. I have put it into the Encyclopedia of Spells, but with a disclaimer. I’m afraid I may have to do that with other details from the films when I add them to the Lexicon. While JKR had a lot of input into the creation of the film, she did not have final say and she did not approve every single detail. The film does not agree with the books on every single point, and for the purposes of this Lexicon, the books are considered the final word.
  • Elizabeth Dalton has written a nice essay about The Changing Image of Grown-Ups in the Harry Potter books which I just added to the “Delving Deeper into Harry Potter” resources of the Help/About section.


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