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24 July, 2002


  • Where do I start? I counted and I’ve added or modified 97 pages since June 8, the last date I made an entry here. I can’t begin to list everything, so I’ll just mention some of the big changes:
    • a lot of new information has been added to the Quidditch section.
    • the Lexicon/Harry Potter FAQ has been updated–well, rewritten actually
    • a new atlas is in the works, the Atlas of the Wizarding World, beginning with the Gazetteer, which is being added to on a regular basis
    • probably the biggest addition is the new Main Index, which is currently under construction. You’ll find examples of the new pages linked to the Main Index page.
    • and the most anticipated (but still incomplete) addition is the Marauder’s Map, which currently only includes some basic information, not the detailed castle map that everyone has been emailing me about. Tha’s still coming.


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