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2 August, 2002


  • IMPORTANT NOTICE – A visitor to the Lexicon emailed me about an annoying pop-up advertising window that appeared whenever he browsed to my site. I was very surprised, since I don’t put any advertising at all on my site. I understand that it’s necessary for sites to accept advertising, and I might have to go that route myself soon just to pay the bills, but I really hate some of the underhanded tactics companies use.Pop-up ad windows are bad enough, but this particular window doesn’t even behave properly–it doesn’t have the normal close button and won’t respond to a right-click-close on the task bar button. The source of this ad is the website tracker on the bottom of the main page, so I didn’t place the ad there. I had no idea it was happening at all. You might be surprised that I didn’t know that this window was appearing, but I didn’t. I use a wonderful piece of software called Internet Sweeper that keeps any of these extra windows from opening, so I never saw it. To add insult to injury, that ad generates no revenue for me, so while you all suffered, it didn’t even help to run the Lexicon site. This is intolerable.

    The upside of all this is that 1) I have emailed a complaint to the company that gives me the tracker, but I don’t expect that they’ll do anything about it; and 2) I heartily suggest that everyone download and install a copy of Internet Sweeper, available at this website: http://www.bmesite.com/. This is a free program that has been highly recommended by, among others, ZDNet.

    If I can’t get the company to remove the ad, I’ll be removing that tracker from my site. That’s too bad, since I do like seeing stats on usage, but it’s not worth it if my users have to be hit with abominations like that pop-up. Stay tuned.


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