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5 March, 2003


In my last entry, I mentioned that Disney Adventures magazine stated that the 101 Wizard cards in the video games were designed by Rowling. I said that I was trying to find out if that were true, but in the meantime I was going to start including that information in the Lexicon. Since then I have been informed by a source in the know that everything in the games is indeed either designed by or approved by Rowling.

So what, you say? Well, for canon purists like me, that’s a pretty big deal. That means that there are a lot of new things which must be included into the Lexicon, sure, but it also strongly suggests that other official products, the trading card game for example, are canon as well, if Rowling has the same relationship with them as she has with the game designers.

I don’t have any word yet from Wizards–and they have ignored my emails asking for more information–so we can’t be sure. But I am starting to rethink my position on what is and isn’t canon and what will and won’t be included in this website.

And that means that I may have just set myself up for a LOT more work! I suppose I needed something to do between now and June 21…


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