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25 June, 2003


Thanks to everyone who spotted an error in the calendar and emailed. Yes, Harry had classes with Snape TWICE a week, Monday and Wednesday, not just once. I’ll update the calendar as soon as I get a chance. More good stuff coming…

Thanks to the dedicated effort of two people, Amy Z. and Joywitch Curmudgeon, I have been able to post the day-by-day calendar of Order of the Phoenix including Harry’s course schedule and other notes. This is a work in progress, since none of us has had time to really analyze every word of the books yet. Even so, this is an excellent resource for those of us who want to really dig into the story. As the next few weeks go by and as I fill my notebooks with research, I’ll be revising this calendar as necessary. If you have found any pertinent details in the book that we may have missed, by all means send me an owl.


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