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2 August, 2003


I have to say again how much I am indebted to Michele Worley. The page about Legilimency just shows what excellent research Michele is doing.

Major new material:

  • Page with nice description of Legilimency, including an outstanding assessment of where Legilimency may have occurred elsewhere in the books.
  • A similar page about occlumency
  • Thanks to Isabel Nunes of the team working to translate Order of the Phoenix into Portugese, we now know for sure that Professor Sinistra is a woman. Isabel emailed me and told me that the translators were using the Lexicon as a reference as they worked, which was a real kick for me. She asked whether Sinistra was a man or a woman and I told her that we weren’t sure, since it never says in the books. So Isabel contacted Rowling’s representatives and was assured that Sinistra is in fact female. So that’s one little mystery solved.
  • A couple of new items were added to the Fantastical Facts page for Order of the Phoenix. One is an error in the book–an honest to goodness error, probably a typo that slipped by editors who don’t know the books as well as we do. The other is a weird moment in the book that I noticed and thought I’d throw out for you all to think about.


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