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2 November, 2003


Most of the new spells have been added to the Spell Encyclopedia, which is a bit of a relief, since I do get a lot of email reminding me about them. I am still adding more, however. Tonight, for example, I added Permanent Sticking Charm. That’s because I’m currently on Chapter 6.

Here’s what that means. I am cataloging the new book chapter by chapter in my notebook. I am in the middle of chapter 18 at the moment, writing down every little detail. The process of getting that information from my notebook into the Lexicon takes a little longer, and in that I’m only on chapter 6. You can tell how far I am by checking out the page of chapter descriptions for OP: the entries for chapters 1-6 are much more detailed than the entries for the rest of the book. As I work on each chapter, I always find a huge number of new things to add to the Lexicon. For example, tonight I added:

  • information about Doxies and Puffskeins to the Bestiary
  • a whole new page about Buckbeak
  • notes about Doxy eggs in the Potions ingredients list and about Doxycide and antidotes to the Potions Encyclopedia.
  • added “shifty” to the British glossary and checked that “you lot,” “pastilles,” “fancies,” “snogging,” and “skiving” were on the list
  • while I was adding Permanent Sticking Charm, I added information about Patronus (that Cho’s was a swan and the phrase “corporeal Patronus”)
  • added Wartcap Powder to the Potions Encyclopedia

That isn’t all from chapter 6. I have to double-check that all of Sirius’s relatives have been entered in the Which Wizard section (although Michele worked on this summer and she is very thorough, so I don’t expect that I’ll have to add anything there). I also need to add all those delightful Dark Magic items to the Lexicon.

So why am I telling you this? I guess it’s just to let you know that things are getting done around here. None of these additions would typically warrent an entry on this “What’s New” page, but these kinds of edits are happening all the time. I just thought you’d like to know.


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