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15 November, 2003


New page added about the Hogwarts choir. Okay, okay, I know, there ISN’T a Hogwarts choir in the books, so this is definitely NOT CANON, but it’s so interesting that I decided to add the page anyway. Included on the page are the lyrics and music for the song they are singing in the trailer, “Something Wicked This Way Comes.” I also put a couple of images from the trailer onto that page. I don’t usually use film images and if permission doesn’t come through from Warner fairly quickly, I’ll remove them.

People have been asking about this for years, and I’ve finally done it. I have spent the last couple of hours tracking down all the essays on the Lexicon and creating an index page. (“And there was great rejoicing”) I am fairly certain I found them all, but if any more turn up I’ll have to add them later. It’s late…


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