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January 10, 2004


This isn’t strictly a Lexicon thing, but since it’s my project, I’ll let you all know anyway. The Lexicon is part of a group of sites called The Floo Network. This group includes The Leaky Cauldron, Quick Quotes Quill, and The Hogwarts Galleries (which is currently in pre-production, you might say). That’s why you see the Floo Network navigation bar at the top of every Lexicon page. The idea all along has been for there to be a main Floo Network page which folks could bookmark or make into their home page so they can quickly and easily get to all the best Potter sites in the world (by which we mean TLC, Lexicon, QQQ, and HG, of course). But over the last year, the whole Floo Network main page idea has really not gone anywhere.

All that has changed. In the spirit of the old Hogwarts Journal which used to be part of the Lexicon a couple of years ago, I have created a brand spankin’ new Floo Network page. This page will be updated more or less on a weekly basis with trivia, moments in history, and other odds and ends which Harry Potter fans will enjoy. It also provides a nice and easy way to jump to the other sites of the Floo Network. So check it out and let me know what you think. If you have tidbits of information that you think might fit on a page like that, by all means send them my way. I’d be interested in cartoons, recipes, interesting bits of information about the books or films, photos, humor, trivia, or just about anything else. Please don’t copy stuff from other people’s sites, however. When you email me, put “Floo Page” in the subject so I can keep a nice file of them for future page updates.


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